“Augmented Worlds” have finally made the breakthrough. For example, the monster game Pokémon Go had more active users than Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. VR glasses are also trendy. But what are the reasons that make an argued, digitally augmented reality so fascinating?


Why people like Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is an artificially enhanced reality. It is created by layers of information from virtual data that are displayed in reality via smartphones and tablets or, for example, by Microsoft HoloLens. These can be objects, numbers, text, symbols or even Pokémon that are in front of the Eyes of the viewer in his real environment.

With virtual reality (VR), on the other hand, the user immerses himself completely in a virtual, i.e. artificially created, world with the help of data glasses, which are currently still very bulky Welt in which reality is completely hidden. However, it is already becoming clear that the People the ARTechnology give preference.

But why is that? From a purely functional point of view, there will simply be more areas of application, especially in B2B. But that's not all. Because always come at one decision emotional aspects as well. And that means here: The familiar outside world, into which AR is integrated, gives us a feeling of security because it is our traditional living space.

Example Pokémon hype: Lesson for successful innovations

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The worldwide triumph of the comic book app shows one thing clear: People not only want functionality, they also want to experience something. In concrete terms:

  1. People want to play. They want to have fun. And achieve victory.
  2. People like it when online is linked with offline as magically.
  3. People like experiences that touch all the senses.
  4. People like human interaction.

Anyone who makes a business model out of these four statements will become the Future for sure to reach. Because we are multi-sensory, sensual beings - and that can be lived out better in real than purely virtual. So the future belongs to those who digital put perfectly into the offline world.

The “new new” is a return to the offline world

Unfortunately, in the current frenzy of digitization, it is mainly the die-hards who forget Online-Strategists that much of our life is still played offline. Quality of life is where you can go shopping on foot or by bike and enjoy a cool beer with people outside in the sunshine, for example. A face-to-face meeting is always more valuable than an Internet-Chat.

So the physical is far from obsolete. But on the contrary. Parallel to advancing digitalization, which is becoming more and more a matter of course for us, the desire for real encounters, for tangible experiences and physical experiences is increasingly emerging. Multi-sensory offline events hold an intensity that we simply cannot achieve online. They generate the highest involvement.

The non-digital becomes increasingly precious

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And despite all the enthusiasm for the brave new online world: Hardly any other provider can do it without real contact points. We are not made of bits and bytes, but of flesh and blood. Smart start-ups have long recognized that they can not only grow up with online activities, but also have to make a physical presence. The opening of the Amazon stores is only a Example of this development.

We are primarily looking for efficiency, time savings and price advantages on the Internet. Of course also for information, contacts and pastime. The physical world also offers social activities that engage all of our senses. Seven out of ten consumers even agree that experiences are more important than possessions.

Wanted sensual experiences

If we follow this, then every type of customer interaction has to become much more sensual. The multi-sensory Communication offers ample opportunity for this. This is reported in detail in my new book Touch.Point.Sieg. “What becomes rare and precious in a highly efficient, data- and algorithm-controlled world is the unmeasurable, the uncontrollable, the analog”, summarizes the trend researcher Peter Wippermann in the Value Index 2016.

And he also says: “What gets stronger is the longing for one Economy, which does not work according to a purely quantitative logic. This is where the great and great task for corporate developers lies - and if they get it right, this is where the growth markets of tomorrow lie."

Both-as well as: digital, human, emotional

Even in the most digital of all places, in the Silicon Valley, physical coexistence is very high. And there is a great deal of emphasis on a well-being climate that contains competitive elements and allows for victories. Everything squats close together. And everyone talks with everyone. Even billionaire Marc Zuckerberg has his desk in the midst of his people - in the largest office space in the world.

Hunger for touch is omnipresent. Without any sexual background, we hug each other on all sorts of occasions, kiss and high five. Come closer, come smell, come feelthat I mean well with you is the messagethat runs unconsciously in the background. Bonds made online are strengthened offline. And security that I don't have online is checked like that.

In communication, too, the focus should be on what the customers touched in the truest sense of the word. If you want to increase the overall effect and be unmistakable, you have to appeal to as many sensory channels as possible. The sensory charge is like a free ticket to get a box seat in the customer's mind. And in an increasingly digitized environment, sensual impressions stand out in particular.

Multi-purpose instead of one-pointed - this is the goal

The use of sensual elements, also called sensory branding, stimulates the customer experience considerably. In addition, their interaction is very high. The Brand Sense study by Millward Brown has shown that the average brand loyalty increases by 28 percent with only one who is positively addressed Sinn to 43 percent if the Brand is staged via two to three senses.

If four or all five senses are successfully included, loyalty to the brand increases to an average of 58 percent. “If all senses are activated at the same time, the emotional one is Effect in our Brain many times higher than the sum of the individual effects of the senses,” confirms neuromarketer Hans-Georg Häusel.

In addition, you can differentiate yourself better from the competition with multi-sensor technology. Igniting fireworks for the senses, that's what it says Objective. Under no circumstances should it only be about isolated solutions, rather a virtuoso synchronized one is required Concept, which ideally takes place in a mixed reality.

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