Working in start-ups sounds trendy and offers creative opportunities, while corporate jobs promise the greatest possible security. Which Alternatives is more attractive to employees and what should you do with the selection observe? 7 tips at a glance.

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Small businesses vs. XXL companies: 7 differences

The SME, according to the figures, is the backbone of the German Economy and also Specialists without a university degree are more likely to be in the middle with company sizes between 100 and 500 employees. But where are the plus points when you leave this “golden mean” and orientate yourself around the edges?

Small business versus XXLCorporate This is the comparison and we took a closer look at the most important advantages and disadvantages - for example with regard to further development opportunities or employee rights. And that’s where startups come in fast not so trendy anymore. 7 points in direct comparison.

1. Community

For many People is the Workplace more than just a place to perform. Because apart from performance thoughts and Career interpersonal relationships are also crucial in the job. For 89 percent of all Young Professionals for example, the good relationship with colleagues is the most important criterion for bonding with their employees. In general, a familiar atmosphere is high on the wish list of most employees.

Of course, small businesses can score here. Not only because a workforce of less than 25 people is more manageable, but because such companies are generally more family-friendly and not only in the trades. This also has advantages for work, after all everyone has it Character its own “beat”. In the smallest company it is easily possible to know this tact of all your colleagues. Advantage of miniature operation!

2. Stress

Manageable clientele, a more local orientation. Both of these factors can lead one to believe that micro-enterprises make it easier for employees when it comes to workloads. Unfortunately, however, the opposite is the case. Because for companies of this small size, every order usually counts. The regionality ensures that mistakes usually spread quickly through word of mouth. And the stress level in start-ups is particularly high in the founding phase, when it affects each individual Employees arrives.

All this and the naturally small number of employees ensure that the workload of the individual employee in such companies is often quite high. Especially since the personal connection to the company is usually greater due to the family atmosphere and a “No” is much more difficult. Completely different in large companies: Because although the number of employees here is also rationalized and the Measures against stress are far from optimal, but the workload of the individual is usually lower and the workload can be distributed among more colleagues. Advantage big business!

3. change of location

Anyone who loves professional balance should focus on micro-enterprises focus. Although the small number of employees here often requires non-specialist assignments, most employees in this segment are on their usual jobs with all the advantages and disadvantages Job focused, also in terms of location. But that can also become a boomerang. If the life plan makes a change of location necessary, for example because the partner is transferred. In the smallest business, this usually means that termination and Job Search connected because the headquarters of the Company simply the only seat.

However, the large company can fully exploit all its advantages. The range of offers Industries-Giant Fielmann, for example, covers over one and a half thousand in-house job offers across the country - with well over 700 branches none Problem. The situation is similar for the tool colossus Würth in relation to its 450 branches. At the metal giant Thyssenkrupp, 660 positions across Germany are also waiting to be filled. In such and similar large companies, the motto "The bigger, the less location-dependent" actually applies to employees. Advantage big business!

4. Development opportunities

Long gone are the days when there were job descriptions in which innovations became relevant at intervals of several years or even longer. Because with computerization and its penetration of even the most traditional professions, the half-life of the necessary knowledge today is more in the range of several months, if at all.

Even if start-ups seem trendy at first glance, such innovations often bypass many employees of small businesses with their mostly very narrow areas of activity within the job. Also in the Further Training the employee is invested less. Of course, this is at the expense of your own professional qualifications: In case of doubt, a HR Give preference to those who have their finger on the pulse of the times not only through irregular courses, but also daily work.

Another advantage for the large company, because here alone most of the changes are made thanks to large RundD budgets. Where not, the first contact for innovations lies with the market giants of the industry. Advantage big business!

5. structures

From team leader to department manager to the next higher manager. Large German companies are doing a great deal to shorten the chain of command and implement flatter hierarchies. Absolutely with Success, because as the renowned Hans Böckler Foundation found out, in German medium-sized and large mechanical engineering companies, for example, there are a total of 26 employees for one manager, in Switzerland or the USA this ratio is much lower, across the pond the hierarchy is 7,1, XNUMX employee per supervisor.

However, this should not hide the fact that an enterprise with several thousand employees can never reach such a lean hierarchy with such short command chains as a ten-headed small business, in which the owner is also the only supervisor and does not have to cope with any lengthy adjustment. Here the result will always be: Advantage of miniature operation!

6. Salary and Co

Of course, a large company has gigantic salary costs simply because of the number of employees. Nevertheless, it is a fact that the wages in such companies are usually much more lavish than in the smallest companies, even in sectors without collective agreements. First of all, it is because the qualification in large companies by far the largest Significance and good people are still best attracted and retained with attractive salaries.

Moreover, the sales margins of large companies also allow the offering of various bonuses, where, for example, Christmas money flow, is in most cases in this country, a very strong-working company behind it. This financial power also extends to other areas: employee gyms, company child care, privately usable company vehicles are extremely rare in micro-enterprises, but are almost standard for many large companies. Advantage big business!

7. worker rights

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Theory and practice are often very different in everyday German work. In theory, for example, a works council must be elected in every company with at least five permanent employees. In practice, it appears that, depending on the industry, in some cases only five out of every hundred micro enterprises have such a staff representation. The reasons are always the same:

In fact, however, this approach shows that workers are disadvantaged by this. In start-ups and micro-enterprises without works councils, two weeks per week are worked on statistically, even if there is no tariff binding in the industry.

It is completely the opposite in large companies. Beyond the 500 permanent employees, there are only a good 25 percent of companies in which there is no works council. And the further you go up, the thinner that small number gets too. In the case of the really big ones, however, the works council is not only virtually standard, but can also look back on extremely effective integration and thus an im Everyday life be an effective link between company and employee interests. Even SAP, which up until 10 years ago was the last DAX-listed company to compete against a Foundation were ultimately forced to do so by a court decision.

It must also be borne in mind that in large corporations, especially in industry, there is a much greater chance of having a form of union agreement, ie collective bargaining and / or working hours, which is often overridden by micro-enterprises. Advantage big business

Conclusion: big businesses at an advantage, but StartUps also have advantages

Would be this Articles a soccer tournament, the commentators would call the end result “crystal clear victory”. It is 2: 5 for large companies.

However, start-ups and small businesses can score with the fact that they are more familiar and the hierarchies are incomparably flat. In all other points decide the big players in the industry for themselves. The bottom line is that anyone who works here not only has less stress, but also many more (financial) advantages.

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