The most important factor for a healthy life is a healthy diet. But ours has been suffering for a long time work life among the modern hustle and bustle.

5 tips for a healthy diet: Eating is more than just food intake

Healthy eating: Too many cooks spoil the broth

The increasing denaturation of the diet has been observed and criticized by many nutritionists and practitioners. But they not only criticized, but also developed their own ideas and concepts of what an ideal diet should look like.

The multitude of these recommendations brought more confusion than help to the nutrition landscape. The result is that most People no longer know what they should and are allowed to eat.

Food as a life-giver

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Amidst the differing, sometimes conflicting, recommendations and regulations, there are some basic guidelines that must be followed when adopting a healthy diet. The first thought is the simplest: Study the word food. Food is the means we need to live. They are life brokers. Food is alive in itself. Anything that has been denatured, including things that have been heated in a microwave, is dead.

If a person deviates from these principles, illness will set in sooner or later. Then what has become disordered must be put back in Order to be brought. Only a patient whose lifestyle is healthy again can hope for recovery. A healthy lifestyle is the basis and absolute prerequisite for healing. It is not a "can" or "should" but a "must"!

The biological power of the natural apple

Imagine an apple that has ripened on the tree in the sun. If you eat it, you are eating a food that combines all the biological power of an apple. But if you put that apple in a microwave for just 10 seconds, that's no longer the case. The apple is still made of the same components, but biochemically and biophysically it is dead.

No core of that apple will ever sprout an apple tree again. When a living apple is split in our intestines, all of its energy is released and transferred to our life energy. When splitting open a dead apple consume we use energy to filter out at least some nutrients. We eat food, but no more food. The apple is no longer the mediator of life.

Avoid stressful factors

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Modern eating habits often lead to an unbalanced diet, resulting in deficiency symptoms. Eating habits and recipes are no longer based on the needs of the human body. In addition, the industrialization of production and processing puts a strain on our diet.

All this means that people are getting sicker and sicker. Despite extensive and increasingly expensive medical care, an epidemic seems to be spreading across our country inexorably. It is the chronic diseases that have been so frightening in recent years fast have increased and continue to do so.

How our body suffers

The causes are becoming more and more complex. And the body's own regulatory and self-healing systems are increasingly disrupted or even blocked. Frequently, even the slightest stress causes the »full camel’s back« to overflow and trigger an illness.

A large number of interacting stressful factors lead to this point, for example increasing environmental pollution, mental overload in Job and leisure time, insufficient recovery periods, sensory overload from (social) media and denatured and genetically modified nutrition. We no longer speak of food at all, only of food.

5 tips for a healthy diet and lifestyle

The times when eating and drinking were in harmony with nature are long gone. A good reason to become aware of a few basic principles again!

  1. Cow's milk often leads to allergic and inflammatory reactions - not only in baby age, often these last a lifetime. For the human body, milk is not the great source of energy it is portrayed as anyway. You can do very well without cow's milk. And the calcium contained in milk can also be ingested with other foods.
  2. Grain crop is an excellent source of energy, without doubt. The morning fresh grain porridge is an incomparable source of vitality: vitamins, enzymes, trace elements in abundance, and the dietary fiber is also included. Cereals - especially wheat - is but also one of the strongest allergens. If the enzyme structure in the intestine is disturbed, it can become a major burden. So before you decide to put grains at the center of your diet, you should make sure that you can tolerate them at all.
  3. Fiber is extremely important for the human body. Therefore, every meal should contain a proportion of raw vegetables and/or fruit. In general, the diet should be designed in such a way that the vegetable, fruit and raw food components of the diet are increased considerably.
  4. A good oil means for us humans not only the supply of a fuel, but it is a true elixir of life from which we can make (almost) everything to build up our cells and our metabolism.
  5. Refined Sugar is a vitamin and mineral robber, for caries as well as for many other symptoms. So be as economical as possible and use maple syrup, agave syrup, raw cane sugar, cold-extracted honey, pear syrup or stevia instead.

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