Who in Europe a Business or Startups If you want to found a company, you need to be well informed in advance. Tax aspects, necessary permits, business registrations or important information from the tax office must be observed. What is the situation in Europe for founders? 5 European countries and their founding modalities at a glance.

The 5 best countries for founding a startup in Europe: Attractive for online business

1. The new business in Germany

At the beginning there is the business idea, then the business plan and then you look around at the competitors, paying attention to what they do well and especially what doesn't work so well. Where should the company be located? One needs Employees? Do I have to take care of that Marketing take care of? Should it be a GmbH or a sole proprietorship? And how much will the Foundation costs? There are countless Askthat the new founders have to face.

In Germany, a business plan should be written before every start-up. This means that the founder also knows the expected ones Costs. If it is a business, it must be registered. If an entry in the commercial register is necessary, you should consult a lawyer. Sooner or later, a tax consultant should also be consulted who takes care of the annual financial statements.

Once all tax aspects have been taken into account, one can proceed to the next Cut to start-up dare.

2. founding in Switzerland

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A new Company It is possible to set up a business in Switzerland as a sole proprietorship, GmbH or AG. Consultation with an expert is also essential in neighboring Switzerland before you start.

A number of important factors must be dealt with before entry in the commercial register. A business consultant can be of great help. Because often founders have not thought of everything and so the consultant can intervene to help.

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3. Getting started in Austria

In Austria, founders often rely on networks to help them get started. Making contacts is just as important as tips and Tricks available from experienced professionals. Business incubators, business angels or simply successful ones Companys know what they are doing and can help to avoid some mistakes.

After the business plan, which should also be mandatory in Austria, comes the business registration. Information on social security and any Taxes the young entrepreneurs can obtain from the Chamber of Commerce. Here you can also get tips on which grants are available.

4. A new company in Luxembourg

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If you want to set up a company in Luxembourg, you can get it in the Internet often offers at a fixed price. The comparison is worthwhile here, but the seriousness of the offers is even more important. If the future entrepreneur wants to set up a company in the field of industry, trade, crafts or construction, formal requirements must be met.

This includes a settlement permit, proof of professional qualification, but also to provide a certificate of personal honesty. So if you have a diploma, a master’s certificate or other documents, you have to present them in Luxembourg before you can start the company. How to prove honesty? This can be done with a police clearance certificate or an affidavit of bankruptcy.

5. The new company in Ireland

The green island shows itself founder friendly so it's no wonder that Ireland is one of the most popular European countries for entrepreneurs to set up new businesses. This is one of the advantages of being part of the EU, because a founder can choose in which European country he wants to set up his new company headquarters.

Ireland offers founders an excellent infrastructure and the administration and start-up costs are reasonable. If you want to set up a limited company, there are no requirements for a minimum capital, as is very well prescribed in Austria, for example.

At 12,5 percent, the effective tax burden is also below the average for other European countries. And it gets even better: While sole proprietors in Austria only have to pay half the rate for social security for three years, young entrepreneurs in Ireland can operate tax-free for three years if their profit during this time is less than 40.000 euros a year.

Optimal opportunities for online business in Europe

So if you want to start a business, you should look at all the options in Europe, because there may be tax advantages and better conditions outside of Germany. So it doesn't always have to be in exotic countries like Dubai successfully to get started as an online entrepreneur, European countries also offer a wide range of opportunities.

However, specific formal and tax law conditions must be observed in each country. In many cases, competent advice will therefore be essential so that the foundation of a successful online business can succeed.

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