If the job market changes, so must the Company change. With stagnation it will Problem not be remedied. Especially not if the lack of skilled workers is just put forward as a reason without encouraging action.


Companies must change their requirements

This starts with the onboarding process alone. Does the company make an effort to ensure that Employees after a change no matter if you get off to a good start professionally or spatially?

Another important subject area is the position requirements:

Different perspectives and realities

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Different visions and realities will collide.

Apparently a “lack” does not make the qualified employees more valuable. The specialists, who are supposed to counteract the shortage of skilled workers, are happy about practitioners and temporary contracts.

Generation Y - Able or unable?

Excitingly, Generation Y applies at least in the IT-world as the most able. Not only is it explained to this generation that all opportunities are offered to them, but also that the Working world urgently need young, qualified employees.

And yet these still write motivated Young Professionals endless applications without positive or often any feedback. And if a position is found after all, the big surprise comes, since the framework conditions do not correspond to the profitability calculation that one has learned.

Generation 50 + - no longer attractive for the job market?

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In addition, of course, there is the popular 50+ generation, about whom it is said again and again that it is the Economy hits hard when these generations with all their Background and their experience from professional life.

And yet it seems that this generation is not attractive for the job market. As if an employee who "only" worked eight years is no longer relevant.

What does not stand in job advertisements

These two generations come together at a point, the point of Jobs. We are looking for young, qualified and dynamic employees, of course never officially named so clearly, who are to work in a clerk position with little to no development prospects for the next few years, but who should have a wide variety of professional experience and language skills.

Requirements that practically only the 50 + generation can meet. Now the question remains whether no applications are sent at this point, because the deficit is so pronounced, or whether reality and desire do not coincide?

The technology is changing faster than the art market

In addition, reality is hitting full force against the shortage of skilled workers. Because in reality it develops Technology rapidly compared to demographic change fast.

Many positions and especially many positions of skilled workers are already being replaced by technologies and in the Future very likely even stronger. At this point, I do not want to debate whether this development is approved.

If you are concerned as a business, act!

I just want on it I aufmerksam make sure that the technological development will also change the job market and the number of necessary jobs very significantly.

In a Article on Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® I have already said this, It does not matter if there is a skilled labor force or not. The question is all alone, are you or is your company affected. And if so, when do you start to act. And please do not short-term emergencies.

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