Do you remember the films of Alfred Hitchcock? Vertigo, The stranger on the train, The window to the courtyard, Or above the roofs of Nice? For a while, but still some of his masterpieces are in the list of the best 250 films of all time.

occupations pictures

Pull the audience under its spell

And are a prime example of tension. Presentations, on the other hand, are often dull and boring. I thought to myself that more attention would be paid to exciting presentations, and I'm looking for techniques and Tricks fast encountered the “Master of Suspense”: Sir Alfred Hitchcock.

Those who know how to captivate their listeners will become more Success have. Because the Everyday life Many presentations are unfortunately characterized by participants who are not concentrating, read emails on the side or struggle with tiredness. And sometimes verlieren.

The perpetrator is always the presenter!

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However, if they are not very attentive, the Presentation quickly to the wasted time, which on top of that Companys very expensive. And who is to blame? Disinterested, stressed participants?

No, it is solely the presenter who is responsible for the awareness the listener and thus for the success of his presentation. Because participants who don't listen digress because it's too boring.

Exciting like a Hitchkock movie

And now please think of the following world-famous film scene: One Ms. stands in the shower after a busy day.

Somewhere in a lonely motel. Suddenly the shower curtain is torn to the side. Shrill music, staccato-like. The outline of an old woman can be seen in the backlight. She has a knife.

Master of tension

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The old woman stabs the naked woman. Four times, five times, eight times. Then she disappears as fast as she came. The naked woman slowly sinks to the ground, falls over the edge of the pool. Dead.

Have you ever seen a film by Sir Alfred Hitchcock? “Psycho”, “The Birds” or my declared darling “The Invisible Third”? These films were made around 50 years ago and yet they have lost none of their tension.

97% of all presentations are boring!

What can presenters learn from these films? This question I have pursued looking for more excitement. For participants in German presentations, 97 percent of all presentations can be improved, many of them boring or even soporific.

It can be assumed that attention and the ability to concentrate suffer as a result. As a result, the results become worse or simply not achieved. Much Money will be lost as a result. Exciting presentations would ensure significantly more attention and lasting memory.

The viewer knows more and more!

The “Master of Suspense”, as Hitchcock was also called, was happy to give the viewer a head start in knowledge over the protagonist. This is also what distinguishes a suspense story from a whodunit thriller. Whodunit is the verbalized word for "Who has done it.", Or: Who is the killer?

In the case of Suspense, this is not always the case clear, but the indications are different. It is crucial that the viewer knows more than the hero and therefore wants to help him.

What is the core statement?

How can you make your presentation more exciting and eye-catching? Think about what your most important statement is. Do not betray them too early, but work with all the information on them. Many unfortunately already reveal what they have to offer.

Instead, start by throwing in subtle hints without giving too much away. It is crucial that at the end an overall picture and thus a Solution results that the individual parts could not guess. That sounds more complicated than it is.

However, if you start from the back, so the climax first to plan, then a logic quickly emerges for the individual pieces of information and the respective ideal point in time.

Incorrect tracks!

Then think about how you can still set the wrong track. So how you can make the actual solution rather unlikely. However, not by adding useless information. Hitchcock would never have added a detail that does not serve the story that would have distracted.

What is the benefit of this extra effort? Quite simply, the participants are increasingly curious as to what the solution could finally be. And this tension ensures a much higher level of attention and more Fun. Fun is a learning catalyst, it is easier to remember things related to fun.

You can also hear them People dear to what your standing increases. From that point of view, I can promise you that it's worth it. Make your presentations as exciting as Hitchcock!

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