Top managers have a particularly hard time because the more the (real or educated) rank is, the more likely a non-committal contact fails. What can help? Smile and take yourself not too important.

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Who smiles, is intelligent

The golden rule of the small Talk: Smile, smile, smile! For what reason? The greatest fear of small talk is that of rejection, of being perceived as unsympathetic. Well, a smiling face always works sympathisch. Always and everywhere.

Smiling makes you appear measurably smarter. Really! Ask you every ethnologist. Those who are nervous don't smile and thus convey their insecurities to the contact person who communicates them via Spiegelneurons back promptlyspiegelt: Contact failed. Unfortunately, the higher your (real or imagined) rank, the more likely it is to fail.

Top managers have a hard time

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Board members have a hard time making small talk. Because they often carry their titles in front of them out of sheer insecurity or thirst for recognition and thus at most provoke subservience, but do not initiate equal small talk. But: Small talk and pompousness don't get along.

Unless you forget your rank for a moment and act completely "normal". “Wow”, small talk partners usually say afterwards: “Our board of directors is a completely normal person. Actually very likeable! I never would have thought of that!" more resounding Success!

Forgot your rank and title

And that's just because one time rank and title for ten minutes at the back, smiled and took a little on his own. That depends! That seems sympathetic. And: sovereign!

Most dignitaries who are anxious about seriousness forget that. Because they have not read their Laotse: "Only a truly great man makes himself small."

What do you have to think, too?

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Because small talk also means responding to the other person. But that's what many have Executives Problems.

Many of them sum up their small talk problem with the question: “What can I say?” The answer is: "Make up something!" It's more than a stupid answer. Because it means: first think, then talk!

Enter the others

During the trade fair, a group of aircraft construction engineers discovers a group of attractive trade fair hostesses at the hotel bar, who are chilling after work. None of the men dares: "What should I say? They're interested for sure not for aircraft construction!”

That is also correct: Helmut therefore forgets for a moment the aircraft construction, takes off his watch, puts it in his pocket, goes over to the bar and asks: "Excuse me, does one of you happen to have the exact time?"

Prelude and retreat

Two of the hostesses look bored, two others swing up their left arm. Success! What if all four had bored? Then Helmut would have applied his second and third subject, which he had set up.

If the girls do not jump on it, they are guilty and not small-talk-suited. Then you retreat with a smile and a polite farewell, so as not to embarrass your opponent any more.

3 Tips for Small Talk: Do not be so serious!

After Helmut has found out the time, he says: “I'm a little embarrassed now. I get planes to fly, but I can't keep a watch on my arm. ” Which is not a lie.

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