At Management Circle I'm with you Dr. Sabine Hoier co-speaker for the topic “Productive Balance: Coaching for Executives with children". The event will take place in Cologne, Munich and Frankfurt.


Who is the seminar for?

You want new ones Set set for new Tasks place in (working)Everyday life create or the Stress reduce for yourself and your family. You don't see any Problem in the compatibility of Job and family, otherwise you would not have assumed a leadership role.

Here you can find out how you can manage your professional and private
Goals faster through effective self-management
reach and take your environment for yourself. In addition
open up potential for increasing productivity
ments and receive practical tips for everyday life
between child and career. Put klare priorities, increase your dynamic!

How is the seminar structured?

In a 3-part training you will work out how and
what self-management and productivity techniques
work in your overall system.
You can do a 4-week do-it-yourself
perform nagement analysis, then graduate
the workshop and take stock of your progress
in a personal Conversation after eight weeks.

In addition, practical tips and
Success strategies for “compatibility” in focus.
In addition to the inputs of the specialized coaches
the discussion with the participants of different
establishments to brand new ones ideas for your everyday life.
The well-known
te author and journalist Simone Janson with exclusive
Information on the productive balance of various
international top managers.

1. How self-management works:

2. With smart communication to the goal:

3. Productivity creates space for your needs:


Main speaker is Dr. Sabine Hoier, who, as a manager with 2 children, is in charge of the department for practical work studies at the University Kassel and is an independent entrepreneur. The PhD psychologist and
systemic consultant (SG) has many years of experience in
empirical educational research and evolutionary
Psychology the family. For 10 years advising, training and
she coaches executives in the areas of
Management, Leadership and the personal Life-
History-Strategy and teaches in these areas
several universities and colleges.

As co-speaker, I report inter alia on the compatibility of work and family with the following interview partners:

Course overview

The following events take place:

22. and 23. September 2015 in Cologne:
Hotel in the Cologne water tower, Kaygasse 2, 50676 Cologne
Tel. 0221/2008-140, fax: 0221 / 2008-144

15. and 16. October 2015 in Munich:
Platzl Hotel, Sparkassenstrasse 10, 80331 Munich
Tel. 089/23703-722, Fax: 089/23703-727

12. and 13. November 2015 in Frankfurt / M.
Intercontinental Frankfurt, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Strasse 43,
60329 Frankfurt/M., Tel. 069/2605-2334, Fax: 069/2605-2322

Room Reservation

The respective conference hotel is responsible for our seminar participants
Limited room contingent available at a preferential rate. To take
Please make the reservation yourself in good time by citing the hotel directly
on Management Circle.

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