Women often make a mistake: too little Marketing do on their own. Result: You are not recognizable enough from your surroundings. What can women do to make themselves more recognizable in their new job?


“To recognize” comes from “to know”

Caroline, marketing executive for an industrial company and her main breadwinner Family, was with me in the Coachingto improve their seniority. She had noticed how, despite her elevated position, she Peoplewho did not know her well, was often underestimated and not taken seriously.

She came to me in the last few weeks before the birth of her second child, as she could give herself the time for the coaching in the maternity protection well. In the same way, in the few weeks before birth, she conscientiously arranged the most important things for the department to work seamlessly. This was particularly important because, soon after her return from maternity leave, she was to assume the group-wide overall responsibility for marketing.

Like a little girl ...

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A few weeks before the start of maternity leave, she received a call from the company doctor that “according to the law, he is with her Conversation to lead when she has time for it". Caroline smiled at the obviously unmotivated sense of duty and made an appointment.

The doctor entered her spacious Office and took Caroline's offered seat in the conversation corner of the room. Then he began to explain to her that she was on maternity leave from the intranet for her own protection Company would be disconnected, that would mean she would then be completely free of eMails the first time as Mother to be able to enjoy. You can then return to the company completely relaxed after maternity leave.

Decoupled from communication

Caroline was horrified! She wondered secretly how to do it, if she did not have access to the transfer eMails had. She knew that it would be much more relaxed for her to work one hour a day during maternity leave to keep the most important issues going!

She asked the doctor whether men would also be completely disconnected if they took parental leave. No, he assured, that was something completely different. He further explained to her that she had the right to rest periods and that she was welcome to lie down in his doctor's office and that she didn't have to clock out for it.

The effect is

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Caroline began to understand. Since they had already spoken to each other when they had their first child, he should probably know that she was long out of the tariff and no longer stamped? Besides, she thought, the ambience of her office should speak for itself! But none of that seemed to resonate with him - did he even know who he was looking at?

How did that happen? Well, I could just imagine how Caroline, a petite on the outside, Boy Woman with curly hair, with her big ones Eyes and her tender little voice was sitting in front of the doctor, who, obviously without having looked closely at the personnel file beforehand, only saw her as the “girl” for whom he wanted to be there in a fatherly and caring manner.

Make expertise visible

Even the large office had not aroused the suspicion that it could be her because she was entitled to it in an elevated position, and she had therefore also been entitled to deal with the subject in the preparation for maternity leave.

Caroline, after all, managed to make her expertise visible in her narrower environment. Her next boss, who had been well acquainted with her over the years, had long been in the picture and knew what he had in her.

Sponsored by the boss

He constantly challenged and encouraged her so that she was able to have an amazing career even at a young age. Her girlish appearance was only an obstacle where “men” didn’t know her. In fact, she always needed a lot Energy and patience until eg customers clear became who she was, which is why she decided to coach.

Even within the company, despite her position in some departments, she was not well known. Above all, she had worked towards becoming herself through her alone Performance “work up” and recognition to get. Only: It has to show even more clearly what it achieves, so that this achievement is also noticed.

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