Who visites negotiate can, is clear in advantage! He gets the higher one salary, sits in the higher position, pays less for a premium car. But successfully to negotiate needs to be learned.

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At the beginning is the will to negotiate

Negotiation success begins with the conscious decision to enter the negotiation want. If we are not prepared to leave our position from the start, that is to say we have room to negotiate, we do not negotiate, but blackmail or issue ultimatums ("You are free to accept or reject my proposal").

Once you know the interests of your negotiating partner, you can flexibly suggest options, simulate possible consequences, and thus have several irons in the fire.

The more rejected options, the greater the pressure

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The more options your negotiating partner has already rejected, the more he is under pressure to adopt the next one. Do not be compelling, but flexible!

A stubborn stubborn at his Opinions holds, you can not convince. But if you negotiate flexibly, you can concentrate entirely on the perspective of your counterpart and will always have one more suggestion ready than your partner!

Define your own scope for negotiation

Precisely defining your own negotiating scope in the preparatory phase does not help later fast to buckle ("I've reached my pain limit").

Accordingly, successful negotiation requires a clear definition of goals (maximum goal, minimum goal, okayObjective). Then and only then can you concentrate your efforts towards this goal.

Objectives and alternatives

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"You have to know the destination before you choose the means of transport", the saying goes. Where do I want to go? - and only then do I clarify how to get there.

And always have one Alternatives! What do you do if you do not come to a conclusion with this negotiating partner? As the science journalist Jörg Zittlau puts it so beautifully: "The stronger in every negotiation is the one who is more willing to get up and leave without a result".

Am I Goliath or David?

So clarify the question in advance: "Am I here Goliath or David?" And remember: That can be very different at the next negotiation.

As George Bernhard Shaw said so nicely: “The only sensible person I know is my tailor. He sets new standards every time he sees me. Everyone else always uses the same measure. ”

The question of victory or defeat is ours Brain obviously more important than we commonly assume. And that can lead to unforeseen consequences, especially when we should actually be careful.

Everybody is a profit fanatic

I have from People heard who actually smashed the glass table in front of the sofa after losing a FIFA simulation game. No, this was not a 12-year-old offspring, but an adult academic.

Women like men are profit fanatics alike. Be it her Choice Miss Germany, a Bundesliga game or an Olympic sport discipline, with victories and defeats you can regularly see tears flowing in both sexes.

Dopamine release at every win

Our brain is solely responsible for this. A study by Yale University investigated this in a simple puzzle game “scissors, stone, paper” and let the test subjects compete against a computer.

There was neither a prize in a win, nor a penalty in a defeat, and yet the brain was fully involved in the game. Our brain has a reward center that releases dopamine in a joyful event - we feel lucky. In case of defeat exactly the opposite is the case.

Revenge is sweet

From many experiences it is true: You can for sure be that sooner or later the dirt that is thrown will come back. These disruptions on the relationship level result in a disruption in the course of negotiations on the factual level.

And even disadvantages for one's own position are more likely to be tolerated than to give the other the smallest negotiation success. This can go so far that one would rather fall into the abyss - or the chandelier - as a concession.

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