Not least due to Corona and artificial ones Intelligence the topic of digitalization has gained renewed momentum. time, the Job of IT-Introduce the consultant.

Job profile! IT consultant as data captain: AI & digitalization ahead

Why are IT consultants so important?

It takes place in the digital age Technology an essential role for the Success of every company. However, keeping up with the ever-evolving technology landscape can be challenging, especially for Corporatewho do not have their own IT department. This is where IT consultants come into play. IT consultants provide expert advice and support to companies looking to improve their technology capabilities and operations. Your main task is to analyze a company's IT infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities and Strategies recommended to improve efficiency, productivity and safety.

An IT consultant is a professional who provides expert advice and guidance on various aspects of information technology. They work with companies and organizations of all sizes and help them develop and Implementation of IT strategies that align with their business goals.

Tasks of an IT consultant

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IT consulting services cover a wide range of areas including software development, network design and implementation, cloud computing, cybersecurity and data analysis. IT consultants usually work with the ITTeam of a company or act as an outsourced IT department. They assess the company's current technological needs and develop Solutionsthat align with the company's goals and budget. In addition, they provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the solutions implemented continue to meet the needs of the business and keep pace with the latest technological developments.

IT consultants inform companies about the introduction of IT projects in all areas and in all phases of implementation. IT consultants work for companies in the IT industry, for example in software consulting and development. They can also be employed in craft or industrial and commercial businesses in a wide variety of economic sectors. They also work in the service sector, in public administration or in associations and organizations.

IT consultants acquire IT consulting projects and carry them out. You first evaluate third-party and own IT systems from a technical and economic perspective and use the results to design the necessary change processes in the respective companies. They suggest customized solutions, to organize efficient Work and system processes and to plan and monitor the implementation of the IT concepts customers.

The different roles of IT consultants in companies

IT consultants are often called upon to solve complex technical issues Problems to provide advice on IT infrastructure and security, and help companies keep up with the latest technological trends. You will work closely with other members of the IT team as well as with management and other stakeholders to ensure that the technology is used as effectively as possible.

In addition to analyzing problems, IT consultants examine and model business processes, define offers and develop IT strategies. Besides that draw up They carry out feasibility studies, develop criteria for make-or-buy decisions and manage product portfolios. Administrative activities such as documentation, Presentation, coordination, quality checks, tests, handovers, release development and process support are also part of their work Tasks. THE

IT consultant actIf you work in a company as part of larger projects, you may also be involved in filling positions in your area of ​​responsibility and assess and manage them Employees of a business. You calculate the personnel requirements, identify qualification gaps among employees, decide on qualification measures if necessary and support them.

Prerequisites, education and training

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IT consultant is one Further Training according to the Vocational Training Act (BBiG). The continuing education examination is regulated uniformly nationwide. Exam preparation courses are usually offered at chamber educational institutions and private educational institutions.

The prerequisite for admission to the further training examination is usually completed vocational training in a recognized training occupation that can be assigned to the field of information and telecommunications technology, as well as corresponding professional experience. The job must be one qualification as a certified IT specialist or a comparable qualification.

A specific previous school education is not required for further training. As part of a project organized by the Federal Ministry for Education As part of a major project initiated and funded by research and research to set up a modern IT training system, it was divided into three successive levels (career stages): specialists, operational and strategic professionals. IT consultants belong to the middle level, the operational professionals.

Part-time preparatory courses or as e-learning courses last approximately 1,5 to 2 years. However, participation in the preparatory courses is not mandatory for admission to the exam. Further information is available from the industry association Bitkom.

Opportunities and formalities for starting a business in brief

In addition to working in companies, many IT consultants also work independently because they value freedom and independence. Although the market is good and will be in Future also continue to grow. However, IT consultants have a better chance if they specialize in individual application areas and IT systems, such as IT applications for commercial and business administration, document management and data warehouse systems, content management systems, Privacy Policy or quality assurance.

As an IT consultant, you must work in the municipality/city administration in which you work Office or will have your permanent establishment, register a business. The public order office is responsible here, and some local authorities also have their own trade office. You can register your business in person or in writing. A one-time registration fee of 15 to 50 euros must be paid (varies from municipality to municipality). Traders only have to make a certain profit or Turnover Pay trade tax, prepare balance sheets and become a mandatory member of the IHK. The trade or regulatory office forwards the business registration to other bodies such as the tax office, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the registry court and the professional association.

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