Combining business trips with holidays is booming. Bleisure Travel, as it is called, saves time like Money. And studies show: too Companys can attract attention with exciting lifestyle topics I aufmerksam make. An overview.

Bleisure-Travel: Not only inspire employees with exciting lifestyle topics

Lifestyle culture: what makes bleisure travel so popular?

The Working world and with it the tourism industry are changing. Therefore, it is no wonder that in the modern business world, Concept of mixed trips is becoming increasingly popular. This means that Employees Combining business and leisure travel, usually when attending a conference or a Meeting participate. With the rise of remote working, many employees have the flexibility to take business trips that also include leisure activities. The technical term for this is bleisure travel, a combination of the words Business and Leisure. And that's exactly what this topic is about.

Because bleisure trips not only allow employees to explore new places and learn about other cultures, but they can also be beneficial for employers who want to motivate and keep their employees busy. The business trips combined with private travel can be an effective way to reward employees for their hard work and help them develop new skills. through the Combination of business and leisure activities, bleisure trips offer employees the opportunity to save money and make the most of their time. In addition, they can do their job Network expand and build relationships with colleagues and other professionals.

Employer branding: Become attractive as a company with Bleisure-Travel

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The fact is, bleisure travel is becoming increasingly popular with employers as a way to engage and retain their employees. Increasingly, companies are finding that by giving their employees the opportunity to experience their travel destination in a meaningful way, they attract more loyal and engaged employees. Bleisure trips also have the potential to do that Commitment increase employee morale and satisfaction increase and fostering a sense of connection between employees and employers.

However, when it comes to successful employer branding, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Who Bleisure-Travel on employee retention and Motivation If you want to use it, you should therefore define the conditions in clear framework agreements, which is strongly recommended from an actuarial, labor and tax perspective. When these framework conditions are right, travel incentives are an increasingly good way to differentiate yourself from the competition and attract top talent.

Finding creative new ways through travel

Employers should also get creative and try new things that make them stand out from the crowd. For example, by not putting your employees in the umpteenth theory seminar, but letting them travel across Europe on an Interrail tour for a month. There are age-independent passes for individual countries or for the whole of Europe, each of which can be used for a certain number of days per month. The EU Commission recently issued 60.000 Interrail passes Boy People forgive.

Because one thing is certain: Employers who want to differentiate themselves in the increasingly competitive job market have to think outside the box. Strategically planned business trips allow employers to use bleisure travel as a powerful employer branding tool. By allowing employees to add leisure activities and experiences to their business travel, employers can create an attractive corporate culture that not only promotes health, well-being and general satisfaction of their employees, but also creativity, solution-oriented thinking and productivity for the company.

Bleisure Travel: Facts & Figures

Because such bleisure trips are in demand, especially among young people and highly qualified employees with a high degree of spatial flexibility.

Bleisure travel and workation are particularly attractive for managers and younger workers

A survey by Adina Hotels shows that younger employees, remote workers and management employees in particular can be enthusiastic about bleisure travel and workations. A good half of those surveyed stated that it increases the attractiveness of an employer if it enables extended business trips and workations.

A study by the digital association Bitkom from the end of 2020 shows: In Germany alone, 35 percent of those surveyed can choose their place of work flexibly. These are usually the young talents that companies are looking for. It's no surprise, then, that a study by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) shows that millennials are most likely to extend business trips for leisure.

Reasons for bleisure travel: Which factors require an extended business trip?

According to this, bleisure travelers are mainly found in middle management (42 percent), among executives (31 percent) and young professionals (27 percent). And: 82 percent of travelers stay in the same hotel for their extended stay and do not switch to cheaper accommodation.

In general, the more attractive the travel destination and the offer at the destination, the more likely it is that business trips will be extended. That's according to a survey by Expedia. The CWT Solutions Group took the trouble to evaluate around 7,3 million business trips. Result: Every fifth traveler combines business trips with private trips at least once a year.

Target group: Who makes the most bleisure travel?

And a survey of global travelers by the American Hotel & Lodging Association found that 89 percent of respondents wanted to add some free time to their next business trip.

The German Travel Association (DRV) has somewhat more precise figures here, which asked 100 managing directors and 100 managers and specialists from companies with more than 250 employees for "Chefsache Business Travel": 72 percent of these business travelers use this opportunity. The combination of work and leisure is apparently particularly popular among frequent travellers, who travel several times a month; 80 percent make use of it and every tenth managing director combines business and private trips.

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