In childhood the course is laid for later life Success asked in life: Not only in the Education but psychological through the direct influence of parents. Because there is a lot that can go wrong here.

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Over half of the children are already in therapy

Being a child these days is not always child's play. More and more children are growing up with parents living apart, they are learning in ever larger classes and they graduate from high school in twelve years. Almost half of the children were already in therapy. This is also reflected in the success in Job low.

In a Forsa survey commissioned by the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), half of the parents surveyed stated that their child had received therapeutic support before. More than one in four children between the ages of six and 18 received speech therapy (speech therapy), almost one in five occupational therapy and the same number of children were in physiotherapy.

To little space for development?

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The TK survey found that the proportion of children who watch television for more than two hours a day is greater among children with therapy experience than among students who grow up without professional help. “You don't learn to speak in front of the television.

At least one in ten children received psychotherapeutic care. The survey also found that girls clear are affected more frequently, only just under 40 percent of the children treated were boys. So the Germans are on their best waysto become a nation of neurotics?

Social structures reproduce themselves

But parents also have a direct influence on their children's careers. This often begins with the choice of career: according to a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation entitled “Youth and Career”, career choice is one of the few areas in which parents still ask their children for advice. There is agreement that the professional success of the parents increases the pressure on the children – this one Opinions are 60 percent of all respondents - and the failure of the parents their own Career difficult (43 percent believe that).

In this regard, it is problematic that there are definitely solidified social structures that seem to reproduce themselves. For example, a study commissioned by the DGB “Young people without vocational qualifications” shows that young people with a migration background, whose parents are little familiar with Germany's education and training system and who themselves have a low level of education and training, cannot receive sufficient support from their parents .

Starting difficulties are a career obstacle

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It is precisely these young people who are more self-reliant than others and therefore, one can conclude, less often in the transition from school to one Vocational Training successful.

But if you have difficulties at the start of your career, you will also lack important prerequisites afterwards to make a career: the right behavior, the right contacts - and above all the necessary ones self-confidence.

Also role behavior reproduces itself

According to the Forsa survey, the role models that are set by example at home are also important: for almost half of them, their own father is a professional role model – but only 37 percent said the same about their mothers. And only a fifth of all respondents (18 percent) were strongly influenced by their parents when choosing a career. After all, the younger the respondents (16 to 29 years), the more important it is Mother as a professional role model.

Perhaps it is also related to the fact that only 22 percent of German men believe that Women are the better bosses. The quota for women is better, but not exactly confident from: Only 41 percent consider their own gender to be better Executives.

What does optimal funding look like?

But what can parents do if they want to give their children the best possible support? That Objective should be, communication skills, movement, perception, and coordination awareness to school the children. Speech therapy is an example useful, when it comes to counteracting speech defects such as stuttering or lisping at an early stage act. York Scheller, psychologist at TK, states:

“Fortunately, there are now very good opportunities to provide therapeutic support for children with developmental problems. However, it is remarkable that almost every second school child has experienced therapy and that this trend is even increasing. It raises the question of whether we should give the children in their Everyday life provide sufficient incentives and space to develop. In addition to all therapy options, it is always important that parents and educators encourage the children in their everyday life through play."

Less TV, more exchange with the environment?

For linguistic - and of course motor skills - it is important that children perceive themselves and their environment in real life. Exchanging ideas with others and social interaction is essential for this. However, the TK survey shows that children who need therapeutic help in particular play less often with friends than others. More than ten percent of their parents said that their son or daughter did not meet friends at all. Another 37 percent play with other children for a maximum of one hour a day. Psychologist Scheller:

“What was still a matter of course for the parent generation to meet their peers after school and homework is obviously true for fewer and fewer children today. This is exactly what is so important for them. Playing with others promotes curiosity and independence. The children have a natural urge to move and only if they have the chance to let off steam can they have the necessary concentration for school in the morning and sleep soundly at night. ”

3 concrete tips for optimal funding

So that children are happy and successful later in life, they should have a good basis to develop language, coordination and imagination. Parents should note three key points:

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