kids and job successfully reconciling is for many Women unfortunately still one, especially in Germany Problem. Reason: The lack of flexibility in working hours. Part-time work is still considered a career obstacle and Mothers only half the workforce.

Employers & working mothers: Mama at work is still a problem {trend! Study}

Presentism is self-evident

Somehow it still goes without saying that Employees there are – in Office , if possible from morning to night and the whole week. Flexible working hours? None! If you are not permanently present, you have to Anxiety have to make the next career leap.

Part-time models are still considered a career trap: if you only show up in the office four days a week, you sit down fast accused of being lazy. Even if he or she has children. No wonder, then, that many women still see rigid working hours as the biggest problem in the workplace compatibility from family and Job . see

How do employers see this?

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But how are you? Company to working mothers? Theoretically good, as a survey commissioned by the office service provider Regus and carried out by MarketingUK shows. It's a pity that people did not ask about working fathers - for men, children still do not seem to be a career obstacle.

Still, out of more than 10.000 senior executives from 78 countries, the majority seem to share the benefits of maternity leave Workplace returning employee to be convinced.

Facts and Figures

For example, 72 percent indicate that women who return to work as part-time workers after maternity leave are a valuable part of the entire workforce.

In addition, more than half (56 per cent) are convinced that working mothers have the experience and skills that are hard to find on the labor market.

Mothers are less demanding?

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In the case of an answer, however, I took my shoes off: 57 percent appreciates employees who return to work after a pregnancy because they do not place high salary demands.

In Germany, however, the argument of the lower salary requirements was compared to the global average of clear fewer Significance (40 percent). How reassuring ;-)

Fewer mothers than last year

Nevertheless: The proportion of Executives, who want to hire mothers has decreased by a fifth compared to the previous year. Participants were asked about their plans to hire mothers and the role that working mothers play in the workplace.

Last year, 44 percent of the companies taking part in the survey planned to hire more mothers. For 2011, on the other hand, only 36 percent intend to do so, although the overall employment prospects for the new year should improve due to the expected economic growth. And that despite the fact that 45 percent of the participants worldwide are new hires for 2011 to plan.

In Germany, this trend is even more pronounced: while 49 percent of companies plan to increase their workforce, they are only planning 33 percent to hire more mothers. In the previous year, it was still 48 percent.


A part of the employers still has concerns about hiring mothers. For example, 37 per cent fear that employed mothers may be less committed and flexible than other employees. A third of the interviewees worry that they could leave the company again shortly after the training, in order to get another child.

24 percent fear that the skills of returning mothers might no longer meet current requirements. In Germany, employers worried most because of the potentially limited flexibility (33 percent) of mothers and less on account of their abilities (17 percent).

As I said, it would have been interesting, even after that Opinions to ask about dads!

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