It always amazes me when People explain how social media works and forget the core of what they do. In fact, social networks, which are the core of the Technology Supported exchange formats can be viewed, just a consequence of another circumstance.

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What is really changing through social media

Anyone who tries to explain social media must first acknowledge one thing: The Transformation, which then in social networks finds expression begins earlier. It starts with the introduction of the internet.

What is changing is not just the form of exchange - chat rooms and communities also existed before Facebook - or the availability of data. What is behind it is a different understanding of information gathering.

After the Google boom came the questions

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When we do that Internet from CDs and with the help of modems, when the content was still diverse and nobody was really worried about it Privacy and Co. made, back in that time it was that search engines got value. Objective it was the internet and the mass of information better sortieren to be able to.

In this respect, the first entrepreneurs tried to jump on this trend and with the help of Measures improve discoverability. At the same time, Google, which was already the largest search engine at the time, tried to develop a way of structuring the results according to relevance.

The core of Big Data

So big data is not a question of the newer days, but it is subject to the economic change of the Internet: So in the first place, one thing has changed - the way we get content that we are looking for. This also distinguishes the way information comes to us - even if we are not actively looking for it.

At the same time, this also involves the question of how Google actually works. The first discussions about data protection and the question of how to deal with this prefiltering started out at an early stage, but were always more aware of the new developments.

I just wrote that big data is not a new invention, so if we're thinking about how to get content into shape so that it moves and reaches people, then the first step is to know how people get information.

Content needs form, this must be considered

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Only then does it even appear to be possible to think about the content as such, since the conditions that they are subject to as mediation bring restrictions with them: Whether this is the EDGE Rank at Facebook or the length of content on Twitter - content needs a form and this must be observed.

This example explains the complexity of the topic: Although I am part of the generation that grew up with the Internet (I have experienced and tried Napster, VoIP chats and communities), I was by no means as aware of it as my current one Work with Facebook and Co. has simplified.

The importance of monitoring

However, that is exactly what it is Problem: If the interaction doesn't work, it doesn't even have to be the content, but it would also be conceivable that the technical functionality is decisive for failure.

Conclusion: Monitoring and data are not a companion

Exact evaluation is good for the content

One may remember the discussion of the anti-cyclical post about 2 years ago: Die Idea is that content is perceived particularly well if it is not shared by others during core times.

The recent developments on these considerations indicate that an accurate evaluation of the activity of their own followers should be particularly good for content. No matter how one might argue, one must acknowledge that monitoring and the data thus gained are part of a strategy.

Who wants to position content, must know how to spread

That's the way it goes Strategies not just to codify them, but to check them for validity, to adjust things if there are indications that there is added value.

In short, if you do not understand how information is spread, you will be hard pressed to position your content well - that is part of the management of new media. It is time that these findings also influence the various training and further education.

How to convey information to an informed world?

Perhaps this is also the moment when there should be further training for advanced social media managers, which should focus on such topics:

How to convey information in an informed Welt? An interesting question I think. The following principle applies: If you want to understand social media, you have to recognize how it works

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