Just dare something! Julia Malchow, who took a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway with her little son, shows how it's done. Your example can be wonderfully applied to ours Everyday life transfer. Again, positive thinking and Courage often up resistors and prejudices.

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Just be more optimistic! Is it that easy?

There are those days when you just have to go to Facebook logs in to read about the crap you're reading in the Internet found to blaspheme. And where you can then really ingenious in his timeline Article finds that whole mindsets can break open. So in the end you decide to write about both together.

One after the other: Apart from the absurdity that Coca-Cola has a so-called Happiness Institute in Berlin of all places (of course as a PR gag, what else is it good for?), It has the same thing Company Now found out in a survey of over 1.000 Germans: 37 percent of those questioned would like to be more optimistic. Both Women it is even 41 percent. That says a lot about the mood in our country. And I thought spontaneously: Well then seidema it easy!

Positive thinking is also a productivity tool, without which no change is possible

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But it doesn't seem that easy - or does it? After all, positive thinking is a very powerful productivity tool, and the power of self-fulfilling prophecy can either drive or paralyze us.

Especially in larger companies or organizations, it can be observed again and again that entire departments are paralyzed by negative beliefs that have crept in over the years. I notice this again and again during consultations or in personal discussions with employees. And that's often the reason why nothing comes of the much-quoted one Change. Because the first reaction to a new idea is always: “Forget it; it has never worked and never will.”

Anyone who tries something new is looked at crookedly

But this also applies to our everyday life and daily life. That is precisely the attitude that resonates against each of us when you do something that is new or different, that is, acts innovatively - even if only on a small scale.

It is important, against all odds, to do this positive To keep thinking and to motivate yourself again and again. And this is exactly where the example cited above comes into play. Because even though it's a completely different area, it's a great example of optimism - but also with a lot of reflection on the fact that ours Society often lacking in optimism.

The opinion of the others: Alone with a child through Siberia?

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Julia Malchow was optimistic and courageous, because she did something that many in Germany don't even dare to think about: she went on a three-month journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway with her 10-month-old son Levi. First from Munich to St. Petersburg, then with the Trans-Siberian to Lake Baikal and Mongolia; The final stop was Beijing. Alone, just her and the child. And she wrote a book about it.

By the way, the two later went on a world tour. On their website, which is aptly titled “Don't think, travel!” Julia Malchow describes the reactions she got to her project:

“Friends, acquaintances, strangers will look at you blankly in the most pleasant case and insult you as irresponsible egoists in the most unpleasant case. When asked about the exact dangers for the child, nothing comes up, except: You just don't do that. The volume and sharpness of the Criticism increases inversely with travel experience critic. "

Why do we lack optimism so often?

I also liked this quote so much because you can easily transfer it to many other situations in which you want to do something new and different: If you start questioning the arguments of the other side, which sound so logical, not much will come of it. But the less clue there is, the stronger it is Resistance.

If you browse a little on Malchow's website and read the various articles by and about Malchow, you will fast realized that with this trip she also wanted to consciously break with entrenched patterns of thought, role models and clichés. She writes: “On my trip with Levi as a baby, I was able to see German everyday life, which was overloaded with rules and beliefs, as a Mother leave me behind." Because it is thanks to the many wrong beliefs that we so often lose positive thinking and instead the Stress get the upper hand.

Positive thinking as a disruptive factor, creativity as an illness?

Elsewhere, Malchow summarizes why positive thinking is so often lacking in Germany. And again lets use the example Family I think it can be applied to many other areas. Positive thinking is also a kind of disruptive factor. I can only think of the former IBM manager Professor Dr. Gunter Dueck, who once said in the Bundestag: "creativity is considered a disease.” One also gets the impression when one reads Malchow:

“We have mine in Germany Opinions after a problem of values: children, mothers, families are valued too little. They are more of a disruptive factor, they hold up smooth operation and should behave as inconspicuously as possible. In general, our life here is too much geared towards smooth functioning instead of individual life. In addition, the classic model of the 'good mother', who is essentially there for the child for the first one to three years of life, still dominates in German minds needs behind and overprotects the child. And then there is the way the working world is organized in Germany and the standards that apply in Germany Career and success do not necessarily define human or even baby-friendly.”

Feel fear but still do it

Who a new one Projects concerns, own ideas realized or simply wants to work productively does not necessarily have to travel through Siberia with a baby travelto get a new perspective. But it helps a lot to leave ingrained thought patterns and to do things in a new and different way in order to distance yourself from negative beliefs, social prejudices and internal and external critics. Or like Best of HR - Berufebilder.de® author Dr Cornelia Topf wrote so beautifully in a post: “Feel the fear and do it anyway!”

This courage is ultimately what matters and what drives us to make changes: in our everyday life, in Job, as Employees in companies or self-employed Executive - and ultimately as a whole society. Because where should the systemic changes come from if we don't change what makes us unhappy and restricts us?

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