Self-determined, creative Things to Learn is in Future increasingly important. And the computer enables a whole new way of learning: Informal, self-determined and digital.

Job profile! E-learning author: digital training expert

How digitization is changing learning

Digitization is in the process of fundamentally revolutionizing the transfer of knowledge: In future, learners who are working on a topic will be able to select the learning software that best suits their learning rhythm. If you Problems with working out one topic, they will with others People Contact record and look for new ones Solutions seek. By going on this ways explaining their learning difficulties, parents and teachers will get better insight into individual learning difficulties. The consequences will be greater individualisation of the learning processes and less learning frustration.

Exactly on this one needs what e-learning authors need in their work: you draw up Concepts and learning content for interactive learning media and e-learning software, which are available either as computer-based training (CBT) on CD-ROM or as web-based training (WBT) with constant updates from the Internet Tobe offered.

Advice and needs analysis for training units

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Before they develop learning media, e-learning authors advise their customers and carry out needs analyses, ie they determine the learning or training needs and the respective target groups. Because learners at the computer are increasingly no longer passive consumers, but are most successful when they can work creatively with them. In the USA, great success has already been achieved by teaching computer students not only their software Background but also improved the software itself (as learners, creatives and concept makers). The reason: Learners are simply on a higher attention mode when they not only reproduce, but also create and work out improvements for their own community.

Even with this new type of communicative learning, the basic structure of the learning software still comes from e-learning authors who research the learning content and prepare the editorial texts according to didactic and media-pedagogical aspects.

How does digital knowledge transfer take place?

With the help of her in-depth knowledge of media concepts, media didactics and web publishing to plan and create your interactive learning concepts. They use information and communication media, corresponding software programs and multimedia authoring systems, for example, as important tools for Internet research, because e-learning authors obtain a lot of information from the Internet. Sometimes they also study and evaluate the relevant books in order to find the necessary ones Information for the learning content.

Knowledge is conveyed not only through text, but also through animations, language and interactive elements, for which e-learning authors create the scripts. E-learning authors also set process plans and design user guidance for the learning programs that is meaningful in terms of both pedagogy and content. In addition, they develop new interactive forms of learning for training and Further Training and analyze existing learning systems. If necessary, they also develop overall concepts for blended learning, ie the Combination the learning software with face-to-face seminars, Online-Tutoring, manuals, etc.

How and where do eLearning authors work?

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E-learning authors do a large part of their work alone in offices at desk workstations or in their private study. In meeting rooms they coordinate their work with the editorial and production management. Customers can also advise you on site.

As a freelance e-learning author, in particular, you have to maintain contacts with a wide variety of professionals in the education sector, for example product managers and producers. If, for example, you implement the operator guidance for the interactive learning software together with computer scientists Team- and communication skills required. Since they also advise customers on the alignment and conception of learning media, they use their negotiating skills and persuasiveness. You need organizational talent and knowledge of project management, for example, when setting up schedules. In the area of ​​media law, too, you must always be up to date, for example when it comes to copyright law. You are bound by tight deadlines, because the production times are almost always tightly calculated.

Always keeping an eye on the market of the future

The market for self-determined learning is fundamentally excellent: knowledge is not only the key resource in the Working world of tomorrow, but is increasingly becoming the focus of Society. Pisa study on the one hand and a shortage of skilled workers on the other hand, politicians, Companys, yes actually showed us all how important education is. That is why there is increasing investment in education - by politicians, entrepreneurs, but also parents.

Typical business ideas in the education market are private schools, tutoring schools, private museums, literary readings for private entertainment, school cooperatives, publishers, editors of educational magazines, artists, musicians, actors, filmmakers. Or the Idea the childrenUni, which has been adopted by almost 100 universities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovakia, Colombia, Great Britain and Liechtenstein. Since 2002, the European Children's Future University Network has had more than 50 events developed at universities and technical colleges that are intended to convey science to children in a simple and understandable way. The house of little researchers wants natural sciences and Technology for children in day-care centers to experience, thus promoting early childhood education and making a contribution to strengthening Germany as a location for innovation and research in the future.

Digitization is the key: Classical education is on the rise again

Another trend: We are starting to take a greater interest in classical culture again. In Germany, museums are (again) the big hit. And it's the natural sciences and technology that attract people. At the beginning, 60.000 visitors per year were expected in the meanwhile legendary Giessen mathematics museum. Now it's 150.000 and counting. TV and computer game consumption have the new Lust in terms of education and knowledge of the world apparently cannot stop them. And the museums in Germany obviously have their finger on the pulse. There are currently over 6.000 museums in Germany, including 600 for the Art. The Bundesliga has around ten million viewers a year. Germany's museums record over 100 million visits every year. And the enthusiasm for founding museums continues.

Theater and opera also benefit from this trend towards classical education: more than 4,5 million people attended opera performances in Germany in the 2005/2006 season, a good 5,4 million a play, 1,4 million a ballet and about the same number a concert . The New York Metropolitan Opera has been broadcasting its performances in cinemas since 2006. The Objective: the expansion of the target group. In the first year, the Met broadcast six productions in a total of 98 cinemas, and 325.000 people watched opera in the cinema. In the following year, eight productions were broadcast to 935.000 people. World-class culture in new distribution channels turned out to be big Business. In 2008, eleven productions were presented via cinemas in 28 countries, with around 1,2 million people watching, around 10.000 viewers for each individual production. The Metropolitan Opera itself can only allow 3.700 opera lovers to enjoy the performances in the theater per production.

And finally the boom in philosophical literature is unmistakable. As early as 2007, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung diagnosed the comeback of philosophy on the book market. At least since Richard David Precht's bestseller "Who am I...and if so, how many" is back in fashion. Prechts fast Written and borderline simplistic history of philosophy combines the question of meaning ("Who am I...") with a philosophical crash course for time-constrained educated citizens. By August 2008, 350.000 copies of the bestseller had already been sold.

Good opportunities for digital trainers

As people today increasingly live and work on the move and devices that enable learning at any time of the day or night and practically anywhere in the world Welt can be carried out, e-learning is a market with a future which, however, is still in its infancy. Special Significance In the future, learning on mobile devices with small screens will acquire what the authors need special conceptual skills in planning and Organization requires. Here in particular there are good future prospects.

The learning and thus the work of e-learning authors will change: James Paul Gee, American educationalistProfessor and gaming specialist, assumes that in ten years there will be no more talk of learning and teaching, but rather “passionate communities” will determine the flow of innovation and knowledge. E-learning authors therefore have to adapt to this new form of learning.

Requirements, training and further education, setting up a business in brief

In order to be able to carry out this activity, a Further Training or a degree in the fields of media, Communication, pedagogy, humanities or natural sciences. However, e-learning author is not a proprietary one Job, You can easily become self-employed as a corresponding author. However, as prerequisites you should have technical expertise, media skills and pedagogical skills. Foreign language skills are also required for learning media and e-learning projects that are internationally oriented.

As an e-learning author you are freelance, so you do not need a business registration but only a tax number from the tax office.

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