More emotions and Sinn in ein Company bringing is a challenge. Defining a (further) process is not Solution. It must be implemented what has long been written in mission statements: Den People seen as the center.

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Take employees seriously

Everyone has to change, everyone has to think - but above all everyone has to be taken seriously. Otherwise, "Disruptive Technologies" and "Industry 4.0" degenerate into empty buzzwords.

But the requirements behind these buzzwords are real. It is not uncommon for many to have long-standing Executives to bite it. Effect is not achieved with pages of logs or folders full of (unrealized) concepts, but through courageous implementation.

Be authentic ...

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The Seller-Mindset, by nice getting the next order is a thing of the past. “Nice” companies will soon no longer exist. Because in addition to the quality of the advice as well as products and services, emotion, effect and meaning count.

This change requires the inner security of being on the right path. A crystal clear one Strategy to have and also to be able to communicate why you want to go there. And that reason should be solid, not just a “me-too” strategy.

... imitate instead

As a company a Facebook-Maintaining a profile because everyone else is doing it too, because that's part of the job these days is not enough. You just have to keep up with the times, it's not a strategic one decision with a clear Objective.

But it can reveal a lot about the company. It is fatal to think “It's just Facebook! ” - It is precisely on this platform that impressions are often collected in order to get to know a company “properly”. And if the normal marketing claim does not apply here, but only flat Communication takes place, the effect will be correspondingly.

Implement sense

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Increasing the impact on employees no longer works today with clumsiness and Tschakka! -Preaming. But it works if you implement the sense theme:

Why we do something. Why everyone does what they do. Not everyone Employees will (be able to) get involved in this topic and one or the other will possibly leave the company. But anyone who works in a self-reflective and meaningful way really advances a company.

Be brave yourself

Not always, this importance is recognized immediately. But generational researchers, philosophers and entrepreneurs are already in agreement today that the question of meaning is becoming more and more a question of life. And the vocation also belongs to life.

The question is how long you want to wait and when Courage finds himself embracing it. Because we will have an effect one way or another. The only question is which one. For this reason alone, it is worth looking for the meaning of your work. Consequently, it is important to consider how we can all find more meaning in our work and also in privacy can experience. The solution will not always be immediately apparent. But even thinking about it makes “full sense”.

Two questions for Sinn Seeker:

1. What keeps me from experiencing more meaning in my life or consciously perceiving meaning?

We secretly wish it, but we are not concerned with recognizing more meaning in our actions.

But this active engagement is necessary to make more sense in his personal life. So what prevents me from looking for meaning? First of all, your own actions and the reasons for doing so must be questioned.

2. What keeps companies from putting more meaning into focus?

Change often hurts first, and not every improvement is immediate clear recognizable. But once this hurdle has been cleared, the entrepreneur or manager will see more meaning in what they do every day.

In addition, their communication would be more effective. And the employees would also benefit from this meaningful communication. A side effect of this would be that the employees would no longer have to be driven with the "stick of motivation". And in the end we love everyone - even when customers – Companies that have a meaningful story or a clearly communicated corporate purpose.

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