Learners, especially when they are self-dependent, often fail because of their lack of perseverance and frustration tolerance. Blockages must also be recognized and overcome in order to make progress in learning.

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How learning coaching activates endurance

become frequent Tasks or challenges fast put aside because the learner feels discouraged or incompetent. Learning coaching aims to activate resources:

Together with the learner, the learning coach deliberately chooses the first, small ones steps for change of learning behavior. It is central that the learner praise, recognition and Esteem for his efforts and endeavors (and not just for his achievements).

Failure as an opportunity for Dazulern

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Absenteeism, learning disabilities or difficulties are regarded as an opportunity for learning coaching and not as deficits or inadequacies.

Stumbling blocks or small setbacks are important learning experiences that provide an opportunity to find more appropriate ones Strategies or Solutions to construct.

Improvements step by step

Personnel competence is promoted in learning coaching practice by z. B. is worked methodically with scaling issues. They offer the learner the opportunity to target, perceive and consciously bring about the first, minimal change steps.

It is not a matter of getting the learner (immediately) from level one of the scale (“I can't do it!”) To level ten of the scale (“I can do it perfectly!”).

More than black and white thinking

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Rather, the learner should become aware of the many different nuances between black (“It doesn't work!”) And white (“It works!”).

In the ideal case, this means that learners do not give up prematurely, but develop the willingness to reach small sub-goals, even over a dry spell, and thereby "stay on the ball".

Recognize and overcome blockages

Equally important as endurance and frustration tolerance is recognizing and overcoming one's own blockages.

Learning coaching trains self-awareness by encouraging learners to reflect, reflect and report on their thinking, acting and feeling, for example during their learning process.

Promote self-knowledge

The articulation and verbalization also support the process of consciousness, self-knowledge.

The learner, while reporting his learning experiences to the learning coach, takes his own needs, thoughts and feelings (which may have previously been blocked or warded off) more consciously true.

Belly feelings become tangible

In the course of learning coaching, I often hear from learners: “That was not the case with me before clear. Now I am only just realizing this when I tell you this. "

“Gut feelings” are named and thus more tangible. In this context, the learner sometimes gains knowledge of his so-called “blind spots” by the learning coach Feedback about his perception. As a result, a comparison between self-perception and external perception can take place.

Tunnel view of the problem

Many learners develop tunnel vision in connection with their learning obstacles: Comparable to the light cone of a flashlight, the light beam is almost exclusively focused on the Problem directed.

Learning coaching helps the learner to feel (more) light in the dark. The light cone is expanded by the presence and the interventions of the learning coache.

The learner's view broadens and from now on also focuses on aspects that are less difficult or should be retained (e.g. on points of view with which the learner satisfied is). The focus of attention increases.

Away with the blockades

Conversation techniques contribute to the self-perception of the learner. The learner is partially aware of the fact that his problem-solving has blocked him in his actions and thinking.

Furthermore, learning coaching is resource-oriented. This means that the focus of attention, the perception of the learner, should be increasingly directed towards their own Power, skills, solutions and Future to be directed.

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