Donald Trump moved into the White House as the 45th President of the United States of America. There was one fast firmly: Will the Anxiety put aside his provocative statements, a lot can be learned from it in terms of communication technology.

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Outspoken comments

In the beginning there was certainly this consideration: whether it is for the Welt is good or how bad it can be if the new, impulsive president not only shapes the fate of the USA for the next four years, but also that of the world to a large extent, is left to the political observers.

As has been shown, the fears that Donald Trump will continue to frighten many with his often blunt statements were undoubtedly justified.

Provocation as an element of socialization

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The use of provocation in the Communication is one of the fundamental elements in the process of socialization and psychological development. It is an integral part of how we social Behavior and the Regulate learn about the social world.

If we want to understand the social behavior of others and of ourselves, we need to understand how provocation works. School is a place where children learn about provocation and the different ways it is used in social relationships.

Provocation is a powerful tool

Not every provocative speaker is a political agitator, as a seducer, as a troublemaker. Provocation is undoubtedly a powerful tool with which to shape conversations. It is an effective tool and, depending on how it is used, it can be found funny, entertaining and exhilarating - or manipulative, unfair or even completely illegal.

For experts is a tool with which they can do that Conversation can shape by Methods that are sometimes so subtle that the other person doesn't even notice them. But the question you have to ask yourself: How subtle is Donald Trump?

Politics in 140 characters?

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Right from the start of his term in office, the world public was amazed at what kind of verbal and technical faux pas Donald Trump allowed himself to do. But you have to be here clear distinguish:

On the one hand, he often ignores all rules of constructive communication and appreciative feedback. On the other hand, he tries to rule the world with 140 characters from the 'Twitter window'. We should think about it!

Coming into the news

Regardless of his person, it is worth separating the threatening from the useful in this context. 140 characters are enough to get to the heart of a matter, to initiate a discussion, to start a conversation or – in a positive way negative – to get into the 'News'.

Packing important statements into 140 characters is for sure not always right - especially not when it comes to global interests. But the Art being able to do it is important!

Formulate key messages appropriately

Nor is this ability used in the modern age Society, Economy and public not really and well used everywhere. Limiting information to 140 characters is by no means superficial.

Rather, such a core statement must be formulated. The situation is different in complex contexts, of course. Whoever controls the both-as well as is a 'Commander in Tweets'.

Too little thought

To distinguish and delineate remains that much scrap is tweeted. Too little thoughtful also many posts by Donald Trump. But who has not even sent a message before, without considering what it can trigger.

But it makes a difference, whether an unclear eMail to a good friend, or whether the most powerful man in the world has a colleague with nuclear weapons in his closet insulted.

Only for the gallery

Of course much is not eaten as hot as it is cooked. And in politics, much is done for the gallery.

If Donald Trump, for example, posts a Twitter message about Vladimir Putin, it may be that the personal talk has long since taken place and one knows very exactly what one really thinks.

Twittern as training

Cutting down important core statements on 140 characters is hard work - but very instructive. And presumed superficiality can also be the result of depth. But beware:

  1. The world of communication becomes more demanding. Much communication on more media does not necessarily result in more content.
  2. The route is the goal. Most often agree. Let us not forget, however, that a beautiful train is of no use if it does not enter the station.

A quality that you can learn

An message Writing in a 140-character message is a skill that can be learned and is becoming increasingly important.

But the conversation is still to be replaced by nothing else. It is clear that also Donald Trump is measured at the end of the day by his actions and not by his posts.

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