Businesses do well to make their Employees emotionally attached to the company. But many employees have internally resigned. What to do?

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Company: Just madhouses?

Books put into words what many workers do feel. Studies confirm it, and brain research supports it: Ours Motivation decreases because the emotional bond with the employer decreases more and more. It may be worrying that such a book has many People responsive and large Success hat: Martin Wehrle's "I work in a madhouse" rails against the nonsense that happens in many companies. It is nothing new that these conditions are being criticized in companies.

Years ago, Corinne Maier put forward the thesis in “The Discovery of Laziness” that companies keep those who know how to make life as pleasant as possible - and accordingly recommended that you deal with one that is as unimportant as possible Bring the post out of the line of fire. This book also became a bestseller at the time.

The emotional attachment of employees to their company

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The Gallup Engagement Index - a survey on the strength of the emotional bond between German employees - is published annually. The management consultancy Gallup confronts randomly selected employees with statements about Workplace or environment.

Based on the level of agreement with the statements, the responses are categorized as “without emotional attachment”, “low emotional attachment” or “high emotional attachment”.

The majority are on duty

The results are roughly the same every year: About a fifth of all employees have internally resigned, almost three-quarters are working to rule, and only the meager remainder are at all engaged. And every year people seem less Lust to have on their companies.

Now one can of course understand the motives for this questioning criticize, because Gallup does not do such studies without reason: It wants its service sell, which, Gallup proudly proclaims on its website, “improves the productivity of companies through appropriate Measures for increase of emotional employee loyalty can be proven and significantly improved.”

Good finish instead of ex, hop and away?

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But what exactly does it mean that such studies and such offers even exist? About it once clear In a nutshell: Many employers don't care about their employees at all.

This is also evident when employees are laid off. This is usually a very ugly process. It would also be different than ex, hop and away: studies show that too. that most ex-employees want to remain connected to the company - e.g. in alumni networks. Companies could also benefit from this: they can employ employees fast adjust again.

Many job seekers and employees would like to get in touch with the former employer and his employees Contact remain. The desire is understandable, because when you lose your job, you lose contact with colleagues and your social environment becomes noticeably smaller. Of course, you also stay informed about current job offers in the company.

Boomerang Hires: positive aspects for companies?

And from the company's point of view, contact with former employees, especially with top performers who have left the company, is definitely possible useful be. Because companies can Recruiting specifically already known and proven Candidates speak to. Employees who have left can thus open up new career opportunities with former employers.

Many companies conduct exit interviews with employees who are leaving, and some employers set up so-called alumni networks in order to keep former employees loyal to the company. These “networks for alumni” are well received: Many alumni and Candidate would like to join the alumni network Company be taken on and would even like to have a medium to close relationship with the former employer.

How can alumni networks help retain employees?

Alumni networks are otherwise only known from universities. But they also offer companies an ideal opportunity to keep in touch with former employees. If they are really used sensibly.

The phenomenon of these so-called boomerang hires, in the context of which former employees are recruited for the company, will play an important role, especially at the higher hierarchical levels, with the so-called professionals, as supply shortages are expected in the future, particularly for this hierarchical status.

Emotional attachment must not only take place on paper

That all sounds very nice, of course, but it only works if employee loyalty is wanted and taken seriously by both sides. However, this is not always the case because resentment often arises. There are also many employees who never want to communicate with their ex-employer again. In addition, in many cases it is clear that companies are already preparing for the case of a possible supply shortage.

However, these are often nothing more than empty phrases. Real emotional ties to the company do not only exist on paper or consist of regulareMails: In the case of alumni networks, for example, meetings, lectures, seminars etc. must also be organized that show the honest interest of the company in its employees. Otherwise, they will feel kidnapped and nobody wants that.

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