Companywho have no staff shortages? Although they maintain their market position only through excellent Employees can hold? And without a marketing budget? Goes through Guidethat follows recommendations.

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The “little ones” are leading the way

Close regional market of orders and potential employees. Only professionals with a high quality awareness.

No free ones on the labor market Candidates. Hardly any budget for personnel marketing. And yet there are no worries about skilled workers or young talent. Just how do many small and medium-sized companies do this?

The real employer brand arises in daily activities

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Executives are the multipliers for vision, Set and thus the company's own values. How they behave in many situations of everyday leadership has a direct effect on this Behavior of each individual.

Just as every single person behaves daily, so does the company as a whole. So far, so well known. The only question is, why the list of vacant positions of well-known companies are not getting shorter? Too few to know how good they really are? Or maybe they are not as good as they are?

Employer brand shows leadership quality and thus culture

How to talk about a company in employee and candidate circles, is the sole existing employer brand.

A meaningful profile with the Application motivating testimonials on kununu and Co are basic features, such as passing the driver's license test. How well a company really “drives” is shown by personal recommendations given by employees clear better.

Behavior shows lived values: The employee magnet is born

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Before we can think of an extremely effective measure that is reliable enough to flush the right people into your gates, you have to Ask can answer positively:

We recommend what we want to be praised for

Any given product falls back on us. That's why we want to let others know what's an advantage for us. We use it to show how good/ clever/ skilful/ informed we are and what high standards we have. At least we want from others recognition for our good Choice. Maybe we even want to be envied.

By recommending the right people to you as an employer, you automatically get more of the “right” ones. Because every referrer wants to shine with you through his successful recommendation.

Strong recruiting action: you empower your people to recommend

It is not enough to force an employee recruitment program on the intranet with cash bonuses. Because there is a reason why even long-standing and convinced employees do not actively recommend their employer. Because usually it's up to the conceit:

So you still get recommendations

  1. Everyone in the company needs to know that people are wanted.
  2. In the 4 conversation, tell selected employees whose type you would like more to have more people.
  3. Ask: “Who do you know who can or is XY?”
  4. Your A-staff will worry. Maybe they have an idea or later. Give them time.
  5. If your people have not made a recommendation after about two weeks, think again with them about where candidates could be located.
  6. Ask what approach their people want to choose and help them optimize it.
  7. Determine Reservation, Ask for Reservations. Possibly. clear them out, or get valuable information on what is still stuck in the company.

And then, stay on the ball and do your best to support your A-staff in their efforts. Don't forget to give them a very appreciative reward for their successful efforts. And a premium that they absolutely love. It won't always Money .

Variety of measures. Consequence in the implementation

A single measure is never a panacea. Especially not in the complex field of employer branding. However, the effectiveness of a measure often only unfolds when it is most consistent Implementation. You need time, money and competent action managers for this. Especially when recommending.

A strong employer brand can only be created through day-to-day activities. And only the optimally coordinated Marketing-Mix of different Measures makes potential employees aware of the employer brand I aufmerksam.

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