Do you still need universities today to work in the booming Technology to enter the market? No, Raffaela Rein said to herself and promptly founded CareerFoundry.


The learning model of the future

More and more start-ups are pushing the education market and are competing with the established institutions with faster and more flexible offers.

What else online learning models still need is a way to motivate their students in the long term. To this end, some StartUps today have already found very successful answers.

It is estimated that 90% of all jobs in 2020 will require a secure handling of digital techniques. In order not to miss the trend, many people are already asking themselves where they want to learn the skills for the digital age.

Do StartUps Universities take the place?

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So far, you only had the option of staying in the old System of adult education centers and universities. Traditionally, however, these do not yet offer the right content that start-ups demand from their employees today.

So now some of them are starting the Vocational Training of the new tech generation Hand gain weight. One of these startups, CareerFoundry, already offers courses in UX design and web development.

Learn what the practice needs

Unlike in normal educational institutions, only what is needed in practice is taught here, so fast and cost-effective as possible.

Raffaela Rein, CEO and co-founder of CareerFoundry, had the Idea a tech boot camp, as this type of training is also called, when her last employer, Axel Springer, Problems got 150 new ones Developer to be Innovation to find Lab.

Skilled labor shortage due to lack of training

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From this experience, she concluded that the high demand for developers in many industries can not be covered at the current level of education.

It seemed illogical that there were so many well-educated people in Europe who do not seem to have the right skills in this area.

The Founding Story

The Foundation CareerFoundry was founded in the hope of helping more people get into creative, high-paying, and fulfilling careers by teaching them new skills.

Raffaela, whose Career positions at BlackRock in London and the start-up incubator Rocket, believes that we are just at the beginning of a new development in personal learning.

Online learning with mentoring

When she founded CareerFoundry in 2013 together with Martin Ramsin, it was her concern to get out of the previous drudgery Online- Learning models based purely on tutorial videos and text messages to create an interactive system that motivates for a long time:

"If we Honestly are, onlineCourses have always had the problem of keeping their students permanently motivated. We have therefore created a mentoring system that motivates the student through a personal mentor and Stange who coaches our participants to excellence and who is always available via Skype for advice and action".

Self-determined learning as an opportunity for the future

Since inception, CareerFoundry has grown steadily at 60% per month and now has customers in over 20 countries around the world Welt. That sits Team of 13 permanent employees in Berlin. It steers in from here Network from over 80 mentors spread all over the world.

Raffaela reports that a large number of her students, who are now "graduates," have started promising careers in both UX design and web development.

In the next month to plan Raffaela and her team to further expand their offer and to make the learning experience even more motivating. Because in the end, that's exactly what it's all about: self-determination Things to Learn can doors into a better one Future open - and the scene is just beginning to develop.

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