the Channel Candidate expect too much, want the dream job without contacts. There are also applicants who do not have the right skills. A Problem of supply and demand - as in any market or bazaar. A trade! But that's exactly what many people don't understand.


How to apply does not work

I recently got it Application a freelance writer. Apparently she read somewhere that it is well received if you confident appears and demands fixed prices. And she obviously read my blog and thought that her topics would somehow fit in with it.

In my experience, she made several mistakes that are not entirely untypical of Boy Applicants, also in others Industries – and which I would like to present here anonymously (for the applicant), but from my own point of view as a potential client:

There is no second chance for a first impression ...

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In the classic networks Xing, Facebook, I didn't find her on Twitter at first. That has changed in the meantime, because you can find them relatively far up on Facebook. In the first moment, however, I was bothered by the fact that overall I knew very little about it Ms. could learn.

However, she had her own website, but in the form of a free subdomain ... which in turn seems quite unprofessional. And the site itself looked more like “hobby” and “I'm just trying to be a freelance writer” than after a professional website.

… Don't judge a book by it's cover?

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover and applicants not only by your internet presence? Right, all that is beside the point if the Performance is correct. In other words, if the content of the offer had knocked me off my feet.

On the other hand; Do you buy oranges in the supermarket that already look lazy, even if they are offered as extra-sweet? And if I now as HR If I got dozens of applications on the table every day, I would probably not have gotten to the content ...

... especially since the performance is not right

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But that was not so: your topics were nice Reportagethemenemen somehow anyone can do - and, which show me the statistics, unfortunately not very well with readers. Say: the click numbers are not expected.

Special knowledge, contacts, experiences - which she would of course bring with her - were also not necessary for this. The economic benefits of such Articles for me it tends towards 0.

Missing skills

And what's more: the offer showed me all clearthat the applicant has no idea of Online-Journalism, search engine optimization and social media-Marketing has. So I would have a lot of work with your texts to enter them in WordPress, to provide them with the right keywords, etc.

For the required fee, I would expect, however, that the necessary skills are already there. In this case: That the texts come already formatted and I would not need to do any further preparatory work. But I would still have to teach her a lot for that.

supply and demand

And that was my counter-offer: In return for the texts, I would give her exactly those onlineBasics convey. If you know how high the technical effort for such a blog is, then in my opinion it's more than a fair offer. Because it is certainly work to write well-researched texts draw up – however, the technical effort behind the publication is at least as great.

This is also a basic problem for many Corporate: Applications from people who have not properly researched what is expected of them in a job. And who simply lack the previous experience to be able to assess facts correctly. Sure, you can learn that – but internships in the Study (or possibly also afterwards) since...

Economic thinking - no indication!

A simple one applies to every employer Costs-To use-on account: Whoever pays for a service, I want a corresponding, equivalent service in return. That's the deal. And that's what everyone does every day – for example in the supermarket.

Unfortunately, many applicants do not think in exactly the same way when it comes to their applications. In the supermarket probably already! I remember that from the times when we were humanities scholars in the Xing forum Economy have discussed exactly such applications.

Instant success does not exist

And some then wonder why the application was rejected or take the “no” personally. Then Success is often seen as a matter of will - if you only believe in yourself, you will be successful. This also includes being high Set has - because how is success supposed to come about if you don't have it in sight?

Even if I am not a friend of esoteric NLP logic, according to the motto "You only have to believe in yourself, then it will be something with success" - there is something truth to it: If you don't do anything, you don't even try - and then there will never be anything with the big goals.

However, what is often forgotten: The good intentions alone are not enough - you also have to do something to make it work. For example, get information before applying, establish contacts, etc. It takes a lot of patience. Nevertheless, many job seekers expect instant success.

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