Brainstorming, planning, self-management and overcoming blockages: Everything important for professional Reorientation. But worth nothing if the right one Structure is missing. 5 tips on how to find them.


Full commitment, but never the goal?

I keep meeting People, who are pursuing their professional reorientation at full steam, highly motivated and very creative - but still not at the Objective kommen.

Although they have many great ideas everything they could and would like to do, it never becomes a job project – that is, one that is defined and thought through from all sides Alternatives, which are concise (see Part 1) enough to decision hold true.

5 Tips for the right structure

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The reason: As our own jobDeveloper we ensure that we develop new and good ideas for our future activities with a creative view of the bigger picture. With the self manager's hat on that Head we take care of it, motivated and with Energy to be on task and to clear mental blockages. But what is also necessary: ​​the right structure!

1. Process with structure

This can be because new ideas and aspects are constantly coming into the process and messing everything up. Then the barrel is opened again and again and the search process restarted. Instead of turning an attractive job idea into a jobProjects to make and work out, a new thought arises.

For example: “I could also do XY…” - and is immediately followed enthusiastically. The idea that was just still interesting is simply left aside. Problem: The process has no structure.

2. Homemade hurdles

Other people imagine themselves a leg, not thinking about how much time they want to give themselves up to their decision. Some think that the thing is finished in a few weeks, then they are frustrated because it does not work, and they throw the shotgun into the grain.

And others draw theirs Job Search over many months or even years – and verlieren overview and / or energy, so that the process peters out. Problem: No schedule.

3. Every complex problem needs a structure

So: Every more complex project needs klare structures and a schedule!

4. Structure creates the space for new ideas

Not everyone reacts enthusiastically when I give them this “structuralMeasures” to my heart. Some think that Fun and creativity suffer badly from such plans and would rather just go ahead and see where the process takes him.

I have made the experience – not least with myself – that only sensible plans and structures create the space to be creative and to be open to new ideas and Solutions get.

5. Lack of structure increases uncertainties

There are definitely people who really thrive in “creative chaos”. For most of us, a lack of structure and plan is more likely to cause insecurity and thus inner feelings resistors strengthen.

A good plan is like a railing, where I can hold on and move along.

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