With humor you are much quicker - also because you break specific expectations. Here you will get to know the various types of laughter and learn which techniques you can use on which occasion.


Parry attacks

You can Success measured by the number of failures you've experienced? The answer may surprise you. When you're ready, delve deeper Significance By dealing with failure and the power of expectation, you can break through life's ordinary barriers and find a new kind of success.

How can you break through the expectations of others and Trust and Respect win? People often make the mistake of expecting others to live up to their expectations, and this can lead to unnecessary use Stress and lead to fears. If we expect someone to live up to our expectations, we may disappoint the person and try to change them to meet our expectations.

Quick wit and humor - the perfect answer?

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But how do we ideally deal with such false expectations from other people? The simple answer: with quick-wittedness and humor. Quick-wittedness paired with humor is a great way to break such expectations. But be careful, there are also a few things to consider. Make yourself aware:

When our quick-wittedness is required, we usually have to deal with situations in which the other side doesn't mean it so well with us. Someone blames us, tries to belittle us, or attacks us. If we're just relaxed and funny, that can go Eye .

Parry attacks perfectly

I would like to explain this procedure to you with an example: Mr. Menke is late for work. His superior, Mr. Lackner, is waiting for him and remarks mockingly: “Well, Mr. Menke, we celebrated a bit too long last night, didn’t we?” – “I beg you”, remarks Mr. Menke pathetically, “forgive a man with an excessive need for sleep.” Mr. Lackner shakes the uncomprehending Head.

To parry an attack, we have to offer a little more than the signal that we are not really serious about what we're saying right now. We must try to make the others laugh. Then we won.

Laugh disarmed

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You don't have to be a comedian or a juggler to make people laugh. Most of the time, you won't even want to. But if you can make people laugh by doing things they might not expect you to do, they will be more likely to trust you and follow your advice. That's especially true if you try her Behavior to change or adopt new habits.

If the other laughs about our answer, nothing much can happen to us. He can no longer seriously attack us. Laughter connects and disarms. That is why it is so incredibly attractive to put up with a funny response, which the attacker must laugh with.

Then the situation is settled and relaxed. But how do you start that and make someone laugh who first attacks you? There is no magic recipe for that, but if you follow the advice below, chances are you'll be fine.

The three ways to make an attacker laugh

When someone attacks us, they usually don't intend to "laugh" with us in a relaxed manner. So in a way, we need the attacker outsmart and make you laugh against his intention.

This is quite possible, because laughter is subject to our will only to a very limited extent. Laughter can burst out of us, overwhelm us when we don't want to. In our opinion there are three ways, how to make someone laugh who doesn't come across as someone who wants to have fun with us:

Break the expectation

Comedy thrives on surprise. However, what is predictable does not make us laugh. That's why funny sayings are so useful fast away. But do something that the other person is not expecting - and they will laugh. At least as long as the matter is not threatening. When unexpected danger arises, we don't burst out laughing, we panic.

The basic recipe is almost frighteningly simple, but it seems to us to be biologically programmed. We have to laugh when we are surprised in a harmless way. The scientists in the laboratory have even been able to prove this.

Example: Light weight laughter

Imagine a set of ten weights. You raise the first, it's very light, the second is a little heavier, the third a little heavier, and so on.

The weight becomes ever heavier until you reach the tenth weight, in the sure expectation to now lift the heaviest. But no, it is the easiest of all. They lift it up with a swing - and have to laugh.

Build expectations and disappoint

Playing with expectations almost always works. But you have to have expectations. The more certain the other person anticipates a certain thing, the easier we can “disappoint” his expectation and make him laugh.

In situations that are rather uncertain, in which many things are possible, it is much more difficult for us to achieve a laughing effect. Even if we do something really crazy, amazing, it's not going to make the other person laugh as reliably as a small but unmistakable deviation from a stable expectation. You can see for yourself how easy this works Everyday life try out.

Practice: breaking expectations

Break through your life with deliberate expectations and pay attention to what is happening.

You will be surprised by the result: breaking through expectations is at the same time the experience of overcoming the expectations that other people implicitly place on you. This experience can prove to be very liberating, especially if you have fulfilled or have fulfilled other people's expectations for many years. Therefore, this experience of breaking expectations is truly priceless.

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