It is rarely too early and never too late to change anything. The only requirement is that you really want it. personal Further Training is an important factor in times of change to pass.

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Continuing education is essential

There are professional groups for which there is a permanent one Further Training of course. Teachers, for example, have to do their pedagogical and professional Background constantly adapting to changes in the curriculum.

And it is also indispensable for lawyers to stay on the ball when it comes to new jurisdictions. Similarly, for workers in technical-based occupations, the digital change is currently committed almost daily to learning.

Knowledge keeps us young

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Henry Ford once said: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether he is twenty or eighty years old. Anyone who continues to learn is jung, whether he be twenty or eighty years old.”
So if we stop learning, we automatically grow old, regardless of our biological Age.

The Brain is a muscle that has to be trained into old age, otherwise there is a risk of atrophy. Everyone is responsible for their own brain work and everyone is what they make of their brains. The great secret of success or failure lies in personal attitude.

5 Tips: Training as a step towards a career

Skilled workers are less likely to be unemployed. This is shown by a study by the German Economy. In contrast, about half of the low-skilled have none Workplace. The higher the task, the higher that too salary. Because more demanding Tasks get paid better and better. In addition, further training creates more self-confidence, but it does not only lead to professional things Success, but also personal and private security.

If you know that you have more knowledge than others, you can face the competitive pressure on the job market in a completely different way. Irrespective of Industry and age, personal training is always of great benefit. The following tips will help Motivation to encourage and assist in the Implementation:

  1. Never give up dreams: How many times have we discarded our dreams due to failures, bad experiences, and the fear of failure? We have stopped believing in our deepest desires. But that is completely wrong! Dreams have to be lived so that we can change our lives and make our world a little better.
  2. Break old patterns: In life, it is always uphill and downhill. But even if we feel as if we can not continue as far as it is, it is not always easy to break old patterns. If we do not allow ourselves a free space to deal with what is and how it could be, we can still dream so much of our future. The concept alone is not enough, even if it is important where we see ourselves and our lives in a few years. Wishes have to be implemented and results-oriented action is essential.
  3. Changes have to be worked out: Happiness and success do not fall in your lap. You have to fight hard for your goals and not just rely on fate. It is not for nothing that it says: "Everyone is a lucky smith."
  4. Do not underestimate feelings: Emotions can lift and fly us, but in some cases they also pull us down and block our thinking. The reason is an inner conflict in disputes. Many people, on the other hand, want to defend their own standpoint; on the other hand, they strive for harmony. Clear thinking is almost impossible. The solution: Simply change the basic conditions! Sometimes it helps to change the conversation or go to the fresh air.
  5. Believe in positive intention: People need people. It is therefore all the more important to look for allies who are together with us. It is important not to build a mental hurdle here and give other people - irrespective of their point of view - a chance to possibly change. Almost nobody deals with the intention to harm the other. Behind every behavior is a positive intention, even if it can not be seen at first glance. If you are unsure, it often helps to ask yourself what the positive intention of the counterpart might be.

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