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Job profile! Mobility advisor: help in the jungle of transport

Personal services are in vogue in an increasingly complicated world - also in tourism. The Süddeutsche last year wrote this post about the still new job profile of the mobility advisor. I am publishing a more detailed version of the post with links here.


In the trend: Innovative services around travel and mobility

Not everyone wants to book their travel flat rate with the tour operator, but organize themselves. And not everyone has to book a complete trip because, for example, they visit friends or family at their destination. It is true that tour operators often offer hotel bookings with their own, self-organized journey.

A good example is, an American hotel service that protects the traveler from bad surprises. Who has not experienced it yet: You check in a noble hotel and will be transported to the last bunk room.

Tripkick makes it easy to see how far the selected room is from the elevator and which rooms have the best view. The Tripkick idea goes back to, the seat reservation site where air travelers can look at exactly the aircraft interior that awaits them on the next flight.

A case for the ticket taker!

The reverse case, a pre-organized trip at self-booked hotel, however, is usually not found - and if so, then rarely at the cheapest price. A case for the mobility consultant!

Of course, many people simply get into the car and drive lost. But in times of rising fuel prices and financial crisis, more and more people are looking for a more cost-effective alternative. And so the problem catches as!

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Finding the best performance is not easy!

For the self-organization of journeys, which are not made by car, whether it is just the journey to the neighboring city, a trip to the Baltic Sea or the flight to the Caribbean, presents many people with insurmountable challenges. Because the variety of possibilities is simply unmanageable for the layman.

Car, bus, train, plane - Which means of transport is the cheapest? Even the regulations in many local transport networks are so complex that not only the 80-year-old granny desperately howls in front of the ticket machine.

The Deutsche Bahn: clarity!

Already by the train alone it is difficult, among all the savings, special offers and change tickets really the most favorable offer to filter out. Not to mention airline and rail travel international.

For example, Deutsche Bahn has advertised the duration special as particularly favorable. With it, travelers from 29 Euro per person can make an easy trip across Germany, no matter how long the route is. But many customers did not really know the conditions:

The ticket must be bought at the latest three days before travel, at the switch it is expensive. Earlier is better, since the offers are contented. In addition, customers with fixed-term special on a particular long-distance train set, exchange and refund excluded. However, if you use a local train for a part of the route, you can choose it freely.

What normal customer is going through?

You can also interrupt the journey for 24 hours and even make small detours. And if you want to book it on the Internet, you have to click on the "About" option when choosing your destination and then enter a corresponding length of stay. Which normal customer who just wants to go on vacation should see through this?

In the meantime, there are transport companies that offer their customers targeted courses for ticket purchases. Many train ticket machines are also available at train stations. But such offers must remain a drop in the hot stone in the increasingly complex offer, especially since you do not cover all possibilities of the cheap ticket purchase.

A test result by Stiftung Warentest also shows that railway employees are far from always finding the cheapest offer.

Mobility advisors know all the tricks

At this point, mobility advisors are on the agenda: As a good service provider you are able to find out all this information. They are well-versed in the different offers and can therefore determine the different connections and prices according to the customer's requirements via internet and demand from the transport company.

You know all the tricks that are possible when you buy a ticket (for example: a station departing earlier in order to be able to use the Bahncard in the transport network), know about the latest news and international offers and list their results in an easy-to-understand overview to the cost of a flight and a car trip. You then make the decision for the customer.

Example of use

Your performance as a mobility consultant can go so far that buy the corresponding ticket. For example, you should find out for your customer which is the cheapest way to travel from Dortmund to Hamburg and back.

With the long-term special, the customer pays 58 Euro in the cheapest variant. If the quota is exhausted, it costs the normal price of 118 Euro - so that the duration special would be just as expensive as the normal price on this route in the IC. Far cheaper with the savings price: With the 25 saver price, the customer pays only 93,75 Euro, with the 50 saver price even only 58 Euro.

Detours can be expected

It is even cheaper if the customer still has the BahnCard 25: Then he can again deduct 25 percent each. Already for 44,95 Euro, he could then travel in the IC from Dortmund to Hamburg and back and just like the duration special make a detour or interrupt the trip for a day and a night.

However, the customer has to specify certain trains and at the 50 savings price between return one night from Saturday to Sunday one week from Sunday to Saturday (so-called weekend binding). However, if the customer travels very frequently on the same route, a subscription for the route or even a Bahncard 100 is recommended.

Prerequisites, education and training

So far, there is no training or further education in the still young occupational profile and the profession is not protected by law - in principle, everyone can call themselves that. In practice, knowledge, organizational skills, good general education, psychological empathy and travel experience are necessary.

Formalities for setting up a business in brief: As a mobility advisor, you are a freelance worker. This means that you only need a tax number at the tax office. A business registration is not required.


Although the job title is not protected, the competition is increasing, but the profession is relatively new and unknown. The Mobility Adviser must make the use of his service available to convince clients that their performance is a real added value.

Since the range of means of transport worldwide is almost unmanageable, it does Sense, limited to certain regions, such as local public transport or travel by Deutsche Bahn. Although this reduces the number of customers, it guarantees a certain seriousness of the offer.

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