The majority of German companies understand digital Transformation only the intelligent networking of machines and the automation and digitization of processes or documents. People take a back seat and stay with internal group structures Companys gladly with the tried and tested. The question of why can be light answer: because we are (still) doing well.

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The workplace of the future

work and Workplace have not been connected for a long time - technological development makes it possible to be effective and productive at a distance from the "actual" workplace in terms of time and space. Corporations like SAP are leading the way and leaving them to them decision from where they work largely to the employees. Technologies enable this flexibility, but it is up to the companies how and to what extent they want to use the potential.

The impact on the labor market and Working world are, on the other hand, unstoppable and will clear be noticeable. This is because supply and demand do not develop synchronously structurally, but rather independently of one another. A vacuum may develop over time, because the necessary resources and know-how will initially be lacking in the working world for a longer period of time.

Skills shortage in IT?

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Described using a concrete example, this means: the German ITIndustry faces a serious shortage of skilled workers. There is already a shortage of workers for more than 53.000 vacancies, with a growth trend of around five percent per year. A trend that is also in Future further noticeable. According to forecasts from the “Working landscape 2040” study, in Germany alone there will be a shortage of 2020 million workers by 1,8 – not only related to the IT industry.

A look at the demographic situation gives a first impression of the reasons: the proportion of pensioners is increasing annually, while at the same time the number of employees between 20 and 65 is decreasing by about 12 percent. In addition, a shortage of graduates of 50 percent is expected by the year 2030.

Life worlds change

Self-realization, flexibility, independence and freedom stand for the Boy Generation in relation to the world of work sometimes in first place. This change in values ​​is due on the one hand to digital change and on the other hand to the development of different living environments.

That means: In the future there will only be partial direct working relationships, the binding of People to companies decreases. This results in fluid and multiple company affiliations and temporary commitments are increasingly becoming the norm.

Labor market and the world of work tomorrow

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One question remains unanswered: What impact does this have on the world of work? It is clear that the work must be new to organize and people should be placed more in focus again. The greatest challenge here are resources with missing Competencies are: Apprenticeship and university graduates, refugees and Migrants, resources from near abroad and exhibited Employees, but also those over 65 who still want and can in retraining and further education programs.

In order to fill these gaps and find qualified personnel, fill short-term vacancies or employ specialists with niche skills, human resources service agencies are used centrally an Significance win. This also applies to qualification and Further Training the employee.

Master agile sourcing challenges in recruiting

There is often a lack of in-house know-how to manage projects successfully to be able to carry out. This is where agile sourcing comes into play. The Concept offers the optimal mix of different skills and resources. Skilled workers are made available to the company in the required number, at the right time, in the right place and with legally secure contracts.

In addition to human resources, they are also often flexible and agile Solutions via specialized, often small companies, in order to supplement the sourcing portfolio as required. But also the Further Training internal resources can be crucial in order to be able to carry out projects successfully. Agile sourcing ensures that companies take an important step towards the modern workplace and prepare for the future in the long term.H

Think about tomorrow today

What are the consequences of the shortage of skilled workers and what new requirements do we have to face? This question will occupy the labor market in the future.

The young generation and thus future employees focus on life and no longer on career or work Job to the center. Money and safety often only play a subordinate role. The world of work must adapt to this now and create concepts for the future.

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