Interrail means experiencing other cultures and reacting to new, unplanned events. Both help in crisis situations. Company can use it purposefully.

Motivation, team competence, further training - 11 tips for success: How employees and companies benefit from Interrail

Travel educates – this also applies to employees and companies

Travel educates, they say. Probably also because stressful, unfamiliar situations on the road teach us more about life than any theoretical knowledge transfer ever could. And yet today one can have the feeling that so-called education only exists in school and University, where you serve your time before you are finally allowed to enter the job market.

But education as pure Vocational Training see is too short-sighted. Nothing prepares better and more for life than practical life itself. And it is precisely this principle that companies should adhere to in the Further Training and Motivation of employees when it comes to awakening undreamt-of talents and fostering new skills. Because whether People are productive today or not depends crucially on how fast they can flexibly face changing conditions and master new challenges. Classic crisis competence, which is important in every company. And where better to learn that on trips where you have to act spontaneously?

Motivation, team competence, further training - 11 tips for success: How employees and companies benefit from Interrail

How companies can use Interrail for training and employer branding

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In Denmark, for example, this has long been recognized and this principle is used intensively in training. Every year, around 76 school leavers and students spend several months at 3.500 schools with self-taught, self-taught forms of learning that should be as voluntary as possible. The motto here: Things to Learn should be a challenge, even an adventure with the Objectiveto find out what you are particularly good at and what you want to do in life.

Typically, this Projects, which is subsidized by the Danish state with 4.000 euros, which means the development of personal potential and the expansion of personal Perspektive. Because maybe you will discover your skills in creative problem-solving in the painting course or the cooking course will show you your special organizational skills? So why should only the state be active here? This is at least as attractive for companies, because the image as a cool, modern employer is more or less on top of that.

Motivation, team competence, further training - 11 tips for success: How employees and companies benefit from Interrail

In this way, employees can learn to react quickly and flexibly to new challenges

I'm speaking from personal experience. In the past decades I have worked at a wide variety of locations. Sometimes for a longer period of time as part of a workation, sometimes just for a few hours, for example in the train lounge or in the waiting area of ​​an airport. And I learned a lot in the process, for example how to Stress and stress can still work with concentration. Even if it was admittedly a bit nerve-wracking at the beginning until a certain routine had settled in. But now I can deal with unfamiliar situations even better when traveling and I know how I feel to organize must go to virtually anywhere on the Welt to work efficiently.

Because the place of work is losing more and more, at least in classic service and office jobs Significance. A few years ago it was very complicated to work somewhere other than at your own desk, but thanks to mobile work devices, broadband infrastructure and gradually changing expectations of presence, even extremely exotic work locations are becoming possible. I'm thinking of one Boy lady who I sat across from on the train a while ago and who, during the three-hour journey, practically stole her entire Sales-Conversations including video meetings - a workload that surprised even me, also for data protection reasons.

Motivation, team competence, further training - 11 tips for success: How employees and companies benefit from Interrail

Learning in practice instead of gray theory

But working on the go is also pleasant: After all, you can also type a text in a relaxed manner on the train, as I am doing at the moment, and occasionally look dreamily relaxed out of the window. Last but not least, Corona has shown that you can quickly switch to the home office, but that it is also possible to move your desk to the Canary Islands in winter, for example, or to the North Sea coast in summer. Working under palm trees with your feet in the sand no longer has to be an unfulfilled dream.

Hence my suggestion: As an employer, put yours in Employees not to the umpteenth theory seminar, but send them on a month-long Interrail tour across Europe. There are age-independent passes for individual countries or for the whole of Europe, each of which can be used for a certain number of days per month. The EU Commission even issued 60.000 Interrail Travel Passes to young people in one year. Such trips are definitely in trend.

Motivation, team competence, further training - 11 tips for success: How employees and companies benefit from Interrail

11 skills employees can learn while traveling

But which one Competencies can you actually learn exactly on such trips? How can he Success the unusual educational measure, the increase in motivation and Innovation because now exactly measure? 11 important tips at a glance:

  1. Agile thinking and serendipity: Time and career pressure, always in competition with possibly faster people, constant fear of missing something in the neck - that is the lifestyle of our modern, western society. The whole thing only has one catch: Over time, the field of vision narrows and becomes more and more like a tunnel view. This is exactly where Inerrail helps: Traveling means giving space to unusual encounters, the so-called serendipity. Talking to unusual people, whom you happen to meet along the way and who you might otherwise never have met, broadens your perspective and creates space for new, unfamiliar thoughts.
  2. Further training and intercultural competence: Interrail can also be used specifically for further training, for example to acquire or improve foreign language skills. It is useful, for example, that there is not only one Global Pass for all of Europe, but also individual country passes with which you can travel in a single country for several days a month. It will be particularly exciting if you don't stay in a hotel during your Interrail trip, but with locals on site - then Interrail can be used very well for intercultural exchange and intercultural skills.
  3. Organizational Skills: Planning round trips, organizing and carrying them out down to the last detail also expands the capabilities of one's own organization enormously - especially when other countries with foreign languages ​​and cultures are also involved. Especially the planning of an Interrail trip, where you constantly check train connections and connecting timetables, but also take into account the unpredictability of possible delays and plan the transfers from the train station to your accommodation, as well as constantly adapting to new places, teaches employees valuable organizational skills that are useful for every job are.
  4. Serenity: Taking the train can be a dream for work, but it's important to realize that traveling through the Cinque Terre, the Swiss Alps or crossing the Arctic Circle may not always be reachable - although in many exotic locations network coverage is now better than sharing North and East Germany. Precisely in such situations, not to panic because you had two missed calls and to use the time in a relaxed manner instead of getting upset - that's something that you can learn excellently on the go.
  5. Farewell to the claim to perfection: Whether it's overcrowded trains, delays or unusual on-board restaurants: You can't expect perfection, especially with the Interrail. I remember a trip in a completely overcrowded ICE where the passengers slept on the floor, which is actually not allowed, while there was already a big party going on in the compartment next door. For working life, one can derive from this the consideration of whether the solution to a problem really always has to be one hundred percent or whether a simpler variant is sufficient. Or in terms of time: Does everything have to be delivered “asap” or can I create more freedom through more generous planning?
  6. Work more efficiently through automation: If delegating is not enough or not possible, automation could be a solution. Automate as much as possible. Even on the go, you probably have bills, such as B. Your insurance payment. Schedule payments through your bank in advance to reduce worry. You may also be able to use an automated email to answer most email questions or handle other business details. Simplifying your obligations as much as possible will keep your business running smoothly while you're on the go.
  7. Minimalism: On an Interrail trip where you have to change trains umpteen times, maybe even run at the station and get to your accommodation on the spot, every kilo counts. Therefore, on such trips you learn very quickly to reduce your luggage to the bare essentials. At first you think you couldn't do it without three mobile devices and ten manuals. But once you've lugged it all on the train, you'll become a minimalist all by yourself. Therefore, look for places to minimize beforehand: your manuals may be in the eBookformat available and instead of a laptop, tablet and cell phone, a cell phone with a folding display and keyboard may be sufficient. As a rule of thumb, if you can fit in your luggage, you have too much to travel comfortably.
  8. Delegating and setting healthy boundaries: If you don't manage to set healthy boundaries for other people and regularly say "no" to the demands of working life and society, sooner or later you run the risk of burning out. Especially on an Interrail trip like this, many people realize that they are only stressing themselves out with their own penchant for perfection and the belief in their own irreplaceability. Ultimately, you always have to ask yourself: Does everything have to be edited and/or decided by me? Or can someone else do it themselves? Do I have to offer and carry out everything myself or is it better to work together with efficient partners?
  9. Focused work under time pressure: Those who work on the go also have less time. And this is exactly what can help to work more efficiently and productively than sitting in an office. Because this time pressure is an excellent tool to nip the demand for perfection in the bud. And that's exactly why you concentrate on essential work processes and hide distractions much faster and better. The time pressure when traveling can therefore become an insane productivity and efficiency helper. In fact, many good ideas came about precisely because of the time pressure.
  10. Creativity and inspiration: New people, languages, different food, an unfamiliar environment - all of this challenges people and sets creative processes in motion. For me, travel is the ultimate inspiration tool and the effect is reinforced by Interrail: Especially when traveling by train, the exchange with many motley people from very different backgrounds is an incredible benefit, which for me is regularly reflected in a lot of input and inspiration for my work .
  11. Risk management: But travel involves risks. Interrail in particular is not an all-round carefree package from a package tour operator, but also entails many risks – for example being stranded somewhere in the middle of the night without accommodation or being robbed. Good planning can greatly reduce this risk, such as finding secure storage for valuables or planning trips so you don't arrive anywhere in the middle of the night.

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