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In an interview, René Köles from GULP explains how Candidate especially in ITIndustry want to print their individual Power and why skills and practical experience are more important than the application channel when in doubt.

René Koles is Recruiting Manager at GULP, 39 years old. He supervises at GULP customers and Candidates from the IT sector. The inquiries range from administration jobs to consulting projects at large companies to high-level management projects.

Mr Köles, many companies complain about professional defenses, especially in the IT sector. Why do IT specialists or engineers still need advice?

Computer scientists and engineers need advice, especially when there is a wide range of offers
to find out which job content and which employment model is right for you

A personal Conversation with one Recruiterwho is familiar with the respective professional field,
helps keep previous activities and personal Set analyze and existing
Exploring knowledge and interests. This is just for Young Professionals particularly important,
but can also help experienced professionals who change again or take the step in
want to dare to be self-employed.

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Where do you see the strengths of this target group?

The strengths of these target groups lie in their subject-specific skills, which are currently strong
be asked. In addition, IT professionals and engineers often also have a large private one
Affinity to the topics of software development as well as technical processing and Implementation and
therefore continue to educate themselves.

Some candidates have already implemented smaller projects alongside their studies or have taken part in the University eg worked for the chair. Through this work, they learned early on to work on different topics at the same time, to act flexibly and to fast get involved in the matter. And that is more in demand today than ever - especially in times of digitization.

And where do you think the weaknesses are, where should IT and technology graduates improve?

A convincing self-presentation is not easy, especially as a young professional, that's why
many applicants tend to be penniless. But it doesn't have to be, because everyone has something
To offer something special. Today, recruiters go a lot via social networks like XING or
LinkedIn and other job platforms such as monster. They screen the market very carefully when there is
It's about filling attractive positions.

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Your own online profile is like a business card – especially if you want to work in this area. It should therefore be up-to-date and well maintained: a professional photo, no typos, meaningful and understandable wording and the description of the qualifications use the respective buzz words.

In addition to technical know-how, soft skills are particularly important: Teamwork, Commitment and a communicative and open-minded Personality always help yourself into one Companys or a Projects insert positive.

What criteria should jobseekers look for when looking for a new job?

It is important to find a job that suits you. Because only then can the job do Fun
do, satisfaction bring and thus motivate to work success-oriented. I often notice how relieved candidates are when they realize that GULP really does focus on working out their strengths and preferences. It's useless just by job title or salary zu decide.

The content and Tasks, personal environment and development opportunities to earn just as much attention.

There is a lot of discussion about how to apply successfully: Per eMail, Online, mobile, with or without cover letter. Which procedure do you recommend?

It depends a lot on what is required. For example, if a company uses an online form on its website, it should be used and filled in as completely as possible. Will one Application for eMail preferred, that should be noted. Basically
It is not the channel that matters, but the content:

Gaining practical experience is especially important for young professionals, but an internship
to line up next, can't die either Solution be – what do you advise here? If that's the case, you have to search even more specifically and get support. For this it is necessary to activate your own contacts or to specialized IT job exchanges like GULP  to search. One of the advantages is
in that we offer young professionals the opportunity to work in different areas and
To try out projects in a junior position. Because we are very good in specific sectors
are positioned and have long-term contacts, we can also offer jobs that are not advertised on the open market.

At the moment there is a real start-up hype: What do you tell young people who dream of starting the “next big thing”?

The development of a start-up needs to be carefully considered and, above all, planned down to the last detail. Before you
starts, should Founders three Ask put:

With that comes a financial one Risks and responsibility for any Employees. If that's too much for you, you should first work as a solo self-employed person to find out on a smaller scale what it's like to be self-employed.

Is it advisable for graduates to start a career as a freelancer or freelancer or should you have worked for at least a few years?

An Network Building up is very important as a freelancer, but also very difficult, especially at the beginning of your professional life. Platforms like GULP, on which you can view your services
and on which open projects are advertised by companies
help there. However, beginners often lack the necessary experience and evidence for
successfully implemented projects.

For graduates who have just come from university or technical college, it is usually better to work in a permanent position for a certain period of time and perhaps carry out initial projects as a freelancer on the side - provided the employer agrees. So you have when you start in the Job the opportunity to gain professional and personal knowledge and expand one's skills. After that, you can jump into the freelancerBusiness nothing more in ways.

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