Everyone has their role and can change. This is also true for you. You also play the controller or organizer from time to time, have to initiate processes in other situations and in others to stabilize your mood.

leadership roles

Lion tamer or lead wolf?

Systems thinking gives us the ability to Personality divided into inner roles. Possible internal parts can be:

When is which role useful?

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In one situation it makes sense to play the visionary in order to Idea to advance. In another situation, the inspector is asked. All of these are parts of you that should be used judiciously.

Well-dosed means: No visionary, controller, tamer, leader of the pack or Training should act on its own. He needs a strong ego, a moderator in the background who keeps track of things and decides when which role to play useful at a hunt.

Brain Teaser

Think about what roles you should fill out on a daily basis. Now draw a circle and divide it into corresponding proportions, depending on how often you take which role to what percentage:

From nail painters and fish eaters

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So the question arises: How do I get so-called offended liver sausages and other tragic characters on board? How do I deal with employees who “cannot do anything right now because they have painted their nails” (quote from a seminar participant)?

In the context of the personal role, the question also arises as to where one's own limits lie. You too are sure to have one or the other Employees, which makes you feel like this ›Los! Motivate me!‹ virus.

That's how you motivate sleepyheads

What do I do with employees who believe that after the last change in operations, all rights of the Welt having to barely make ends meet for the day with a look like a non-Swede is eating a surstromming?

Surströming is fermented Swedish fish that exudes an unbearable smell. Wikipedia writes: “At Christmas 1981, a tenant in Germany splashed surstromming broth in the stairwell and in the garden. She was fired without notice. The Cologne Regional Court confirmed the dismissal after a can of surstromming was opened at the hearing. ”

Attention black Peter

Many Executives in the social and public sphere can sing a song of such colleagues. But also in others Industries there is a buck here and there that doesn't necessarily make it easier for you to lead and motivate.

Don't get me wrong: 70 to 80 percent of employees are generally highly to very highly motivated. You've obviously found the right one Job selected and only need the right framework conditions to get started or to do a good job. But there are also the others.

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