Soulfood refers to the traditional cuisine of African-Americans in the Southern States. The dishes are simple and nutritious, not just low in calories, but definitely something for the soul! What does this have to do with self-discovery? A lot of!

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Soulfood as a synonym for family

But soul food is also synonymous with another sweet taste: Family. This "calorie bomb" is therefore not only linked to the incredible culinary delights of recipes passed down through generations.

Rather, Soulfood stands for a serene Sunday mood, for a completely satisfying feeling of home. While the children are lolling in their beds before going to church, moms, grandmas and aunts are already in the kitchen.

Sundays are feast days

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The whole house is filled with a fragrant mix of Coconut Cream Pie, Barbecue Chicken, Turkey and Dressing, Sweet Potato Pie, Maccaroni, Cheese and Corn Bread.

Every Sunday in the southern states is a small festival: the whole family meets after the church - sits together, chats, laughs, sings and eats together for hours. With so many goodies waiting for hungry mouths at home, it is no wonder that the children like to send a prayer for heaven to end the sermon soon.

Everything depends on who you are today!

Only the sound of the word Soulfood is food for my soul. As you read, however, you will find that the words childhood and family do not always bring back fond memories - on the contrary.

Do not think so, I would be sentimental and wanted to evoke images of an unrealistic healing family world. But whether or not you have Soulfood in your life today does not depend on how it used to be. It depends on who you are today: whether you give yourself the food your soul needs.

To value yourself

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If you say yes to yourself and your womanhood. For many of us it is from others People been exorcised. But we can learn again, ourselves and others Women (and also the men!) to appreciate.

What do we need to stop being women as our greatest enemy? To truly become sisters again? I hope you sit down with friends, colleagues, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, acquaintances, neighbors or even completely unknown women to talk about these topics. And I want to support you in this. So let me get straight to the point: Enjoy your soulfood!

Like Eva and the apple

When I was still living in New Orleans, my ex-boyfriend used to annoy me with the stupid line: "You women shouldn't have bitten the apple!" He always said that when I was upset about women, like when a woman at the Choice failed for a senator post.

No matter what it was, he always had the same sentence ready for me to fool me: "You women shouldn't have just bitten the apple!" He really knew exactly how to freak me out. Grrrr!

What happened if…

So let me fantasize a little about what would have happened if. How would it have been if the Garden of Eden with its beauty, its cozy warmth, its huge green leaves, its amazing and intoxicating variety of flowers, trees and fig leaves, if this paradise had only been designed for women?

A true paradise for women in different shapes, sizes and colors. Women who helped each other mutually the fig leaves. They would share this beautiful place in peace.

Paradis without Adam

What if God had forgotten to create Adam? Or maybe sent him a little later, so that we could have had a better chance of getting to know each other better? All the Eve's in Paradise would have joined together with pleasure to first snatch a big branch from this old tree and thus drive that silly snake!

Some would say, the snake does not harm, we are in paradise. But would I be the Executive-Eva, I would have said to my sisters: “Kill the snake! Let's make it a belt so these stupid fig leaves don't always slide. ”

Why is the apple tree so?

Then there would still be this apple tree. My first question to you is: "Why is the Adam's apple in every man's neck called Adam's apple?"

In my imagination I can clear in front of my inner Eye see how Adam finally enters paradise, not even thinking about what you could do with an apple, but simply, out of sheer hunger, plucking a fresh one from the tree and taking a huge bite out of it.

Cooking for the soul

As we have always done, we would have only secretly taken the fallen fruit and processed it into the most delicious dishes. My Eve sisters would have been very creative: “Let us roast them”, “Let us crush them”, “Let us mix them with figs!”

We would have divided the apple into small portions among ourselves and not pushed so large pieces of it into their mouths that one can still see them today. I know it's just a fantasy as it might have been. The Bible tells the story of Adam and Eve quite differently.

Cohesion among women: against the male privilege

But: if that stranger Adam had come to our glorious paradise and, looking at the stomach of one of our sisters Eve, had said: “You look a little bloated today! Are you not well?" All the Evas would have stood behind that one and cheered her on: “Throw it! Do not eat! Throw!" If only I had someone behind me and an apple every time Hand had when my ex-boyfriend said his saying again!

However, early on I experienced what I would today call “male privilege”. My brother had this "male privilege" and I found it incredibly unfair even then! Because I grew up in a family where a Mother raised her two children, brother and sister, alone, I heard as a girl and later also as a Boy Women often say: "He's just a boy, he can do it, but you can't do it at all."

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