Studying, doing a bachelor’s degree and then writing your master’s thesis – anyone who has this plan after graduation dreams of Career. Either as a scientist or in the Economy. But this dream does not always come true. What are the most popular majors?

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Why is studying so popular?

With a university degree in the bag, at least that's the common belief Opinions, your career can only go forward. On the one hand, such an attitude has its roots in the past, when academics enjoyed a prominent position in society.

On the other hand, it is the reality that completing a degree makes it easier for the career ladder.

Studying - but what?

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So it's no wonder that there are now more than 400 million at Germany's more than 2,8 universities Boy Grown up studieren and prepare for their professional life here. The decision for a degree often falls light. Choosing a subject is far more difficult. Because what should you do with the big selection to study?

Such a question sounds simple at first, but unfolds a special significance. A representative study of the German Center for Higher Education and Science Research (DZHW), funded by the Federal Ministry of Research, to which, among others, the FAZ appeals, shows: One-third stops his studies again.

Reasons for premature termination of studies

One reason for dropping out is, among other things, the fact that young adults do not know exactly what they should study - and in the end just run after a trend.

Medicine is still one of the most popular study programs in Germany. But what are the career opportunities in such mass studies and are there appropriate access restrictions?

Courses Top 4: Which subjects are popular?

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Which courses of study are in great demand is easy to answer - among other things, about numbers that come from the Federal Statistical Office. Compared with the enrollment figures of the universities, results in a fairly consistent picture, The clear leader is business administration.

  1. Business Administration
  2. Engineering
  3. Law / Law
  4. Medicine

And BWL is the undisputed leader in this list. The subject has as many students as places 2 and 3 together.

Study choice often takes career opportunities into account

How can this dominance of some subjects be explained? The sciences and humanities do not seem to be so popular. In general, the picture can be better understood if the job / career opportunities are taken into consideration.

Mechanical engineers in particular can often choose offers with mediocre qualifications. And doctors have always had a special reputation - which is also reflected in the student numbers.

Top 4 degree programs in detail

But what are the pros and cons of 4 Top programs? And what about the future prospects in detail? An overview.

1. Business Administration: The Leader

Business administration - or business administration for short - is the leader among theCourses when it comes to the number of students. If you do not know what you want to study, take business administration - this credo is gladly countered by the students of other courses of study for future business economists. The study of business administration is very demanding (also due to the large number of students) and by no means the famous "thin board drilling".

On the contrary, a degree in business administration deals with all facets of corporate governance, such as:

At the end of their undergraduate studies, business administrators are all-rounders and later become specialists whose job it is to Companys successfully to lead – and to create and maintain jobs.

The career opportunities are individually very different, Influencing factors are specialization and the quality of the degree. However, business administration have quite the chance to get very far in companies - possibly even (with ambition) to the boardroom.

Attention: Against the background of the rush, admission restrictions for business administration apply at many universities. These vary greatly depending on the university clear. Especially universities with an excellent reputation in economics take a very close look at prospective students.

2. Mechanical Engineering: Studying with job guarantee?

Subjects that fall into the field of mechanical engineering are still a male domain. Pure mechanical engineering has developed a variety of facets in recent years - ranging from car manufacturing to large-scale plants to renewable energies. The decision options for students are correspondingly broad. But all mechanical engineers have one thing in common: they have to be well-versed in mathematics and physics.

The construction of individual machine parts in particular is determined by technical mechanics, which to a considerable extent is determined by mathematics (differential and integral calculus). This is certainly one reason for the pronounced dominance of male students. In terms of job opportunities for mechanical engineers, the situation has been good in the past. For some years now, mechanical engineers have been in such demand that even an average degree is no obstacle to a career in areas such as:

at a hunt.

As tempting as these future prospects are, even if they are high salary beckons: If you want to become an engineer, you have to be aware of the technical challenges. Unfortunately, some mechanical engineering students are always surprised at how high the bar is set in the end - even if there are no admission restrictions.

3. Law: Lawyers and judges of the future

Law is still a popular study program with many opportunities. However, studying law requires a lot of perseverance.

Law is considered dry as a bone and a subject that is often “sifted through”. The failure rate for the 2nd exam shows how great the pressure is on prospective lawyers. Some federal states are still above the 20 percentBrand. The content of a law degree covers the entire spectrum of law.

Law is not a science that reveals its “secrets” in passing. Prospective lawyers need good grades as well as good knowledge of German, analytical thinking and a willingness to communicate.

Last but not least, a great deal of patience, diligence and perseverance are needed. Above all, law is a field of study in which diligence is important and the will to really endure the time as a student.

Of course, students have to at some point decidewhich direction you prefer. Especially with the spread of the internet:

experience a significant upgrade.

For lawyers this results in very diverse job opportunities. Either with your own law firm or as a lawyer, you have the opportunity to get started. This is just as possible in authorities or ministries as in start-ups or the legal departments of large corporations.

4. Medicine: The Eternal Classic?

Samaritan or God in White - hardly any Job is viewed as ambivalently as the doctor. Many only see doctors when they are feeling bad and expect rapid treatment success. The degree is still in such high demand that medical schools choose their students very carefully.

On one side is theirs Vocational Training extremely expensive, on the other hand every doctor has to have a very high sense of responsibility. And every student has one thing to be clear: death is part of the course from the very first semester. After the pre-clinic with a physical exam, it goes to the clinic and PJ (practical year). It can take more than 10 years to become a specialist.

It is precisely this last point that must be Eye be kept. Although the resident is a licensed doctor, he is still in Further Training. It usually takes five to six years for this to be completed. In other words: Specialists have completed a training period that ranges from 11 years to 12 years (and more).

The job opportunities for doctors On the other hand, they are usually relatively good, The range extends from a general practitioner with his own practice to a clinician who can assume a management role. In terms of income, physicians (especially medical specialists / general practitioners) are well above average.

Who calculates the choice of study well, often finds in the end the job that he really wants to do.

Conclusion: Popular is what brings money

Anyone who decides to study does not just want to kill time, but rather pave the way up the career ladder. The list of popular subjects looks accordingly. BWL takes over the Guide – followed by mechanical engineering. But law and medicine also have a say. All professions in which students can quickly get started and Ascent calculate – with corresponding salaries.

But before that happens, budding physicians or mechanical engineers have to go to school. And the substance has it all in itself. Especially in mechanical engineering, mathematics has a surprisingly great importance - just as the natural sciences biology and chemistry in medicine. In other words, anyone who really chooses one of the subjects should put their personal inclinations through their paces so that they do not belong to the study dropouts after 3 - 4 semesters.

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