Employer branding, presenting yourself as an attractive employer is for many Companys now extremely important. Only the essentials are often forgotten: authentic Communication.

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The basics are important

Apparently, companies are only too happy to forget that what matters most to job seekers are the basics: namely fast and easy to find a job and see at a glance what it's all about. Or to put it another way: the city would like a well-sounding job title wishy-washy Candidate Above all, clear text in the job offers, authenticity - and, of course, quick findability.

I recently received another press release from a company (typically it was an advertising agency) that wanted to present itself to me on the blog with a great brochure as an employer brand - everything “hip” and “cool”, but even I didn’t immediately understand what they actually wanted.

Why cumbersome when it is easy?

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And why this detour? Why does a company that is 50 Employees wants to hire, first of all a “cool” image brochure, instead of simple clear to say in which positions employees are wanted? Because this is so “hip” today?

I then forwarded the gentlemen to my internal job exchange: Of course, you can click on Best of HR - Berufebilder.de® look for employees free of charge, I like to mediate jobs - but please in such a way that job seekers really benefit from it and immediately know what it is about.

Job advertisements remain the most important

Denn: Jobs are still the most important medium through which job seekers and employers find each other with concrete offers for the first time. At the same time, the media habits and expectations of applicants have changed drastically in recent years due to the increasing use of social media.

In addition to what employers in spe Online-Job advertisements are taken into account, there are numerous studies. The criteria that are mentioned again and again, as I have noticed over the years, are: good findability of the job advertisement, authenticity employer branding and text Implementation the description. This clearly shows that applicants simply want to know what awaits them in a company.

Success factors: authenticity, retrievability, text

Discounts for your success (advertising)!

All the bells and whistles that companies, often advised by agencies, like to showcase, falls behind. The cool graphic design of a job advertisement is often just as irrelevant to applicants as interactive games. Videos and social media are only interesting because one hopes for a little more insight here.

Candidates always want clearer language and more precise task descriptions and requirement profiles. One of our readers, for example, requested “a clearer emphasis on the focus of work in the advertisements”, another “more specific information on embedding the task in the organizational structure”.

By the way: also HR When asked, they often state that findability, authenticity and textual implementation are particularly important to them. Perhaps one should start to sweep one's own door and not expect something from others that one does not expect oneself Lust Has?

Employer branding: which professions are sexy?

Unfortunately, a lack of authenticity also means that applicants have a completely wrong image of many professions. Misguided employer branding, so to speak. In practice it looks like this: journalists and architects are creative. bankers, management consultants and IT-Experts, on the other hand, are considered boring as fuck. And many other exciting professions are not even known to young applicants.

A survey conducted by the online dating service ElitePartner, which asked which professional groups had the best cards when choosing a partner, shows how much career aspirations are still associated with clichés. Accordingly, everyone likes doctors, whether male or female Ms.. Architects are almost as attractive. Bank clerks and computer specialists are not very popular with the opposite sex.

Prefer creative than banker?

Men seem to like it a little more down-to-earth than women - so the teacher ranks ahead of journalists on the popularity scale. The most attractive female jobs are:

  1. Female doctor 57%
  2. Architect 39%
  3. Teacher 30%
  4. Journalist 28%
  5. Scientist 25%
  6. Bank clerk 20%
  7. Management consultant 17%
  8. Business economist 16%
  9. Craftswoman 15%
  10. IT specialist 11%

The most attractive male professions, on the other hand, are the creative professions after the doctor. And the down-to-earth craftsman still ranks way ahead of the banker. Only eight percent of women find bankers attractive. But every fifth man likes bankers. So which jobs are women particularly fond of?

  1. Doctor 54%
  2. Architect 54%
  3. Journalist 33%
  4. Scientists 29%
  5. Management consultant 24%
  6. Craftsmen 15%
  7. Business economist 15%
  8. Teachers 13%
  9. IT specialist 10%
  10. Banker 8%

Where do the clichés of boring bankers and creative architects come from?

IT specialists continue to have a miserable image - with both sexes. They still seem boring, sluggish, and nerdy. IT jobs are at the bottom of the attractiveness list, especially for women.

Teachers are know-it-alls, IT people are boring, doctors are omniscient – ​​and Executives are male: Where do these stereotypes come from? Why do we find doctors sexy and business economists not? Qualified psychologist Lisa Fischbach from ElitePartner enlightens us:

“Unconsciously, we ascribe certain attributes to professions and transfer them to the Personality. And as far as managers are concerned: in most business occupations, the proportion of men in the industry predominates, especially in management.” 

What role do clichés play in choosing a career?

With such survey results, I don't understand why anyone is still seriously surprised that many young professionals prefer to go to the uncertain Creative-Professions are pouring in and there are too few technically interested first-year students. And the images in our heads are only slowly disappearing.

I am only thinking of all the honorable efforts to convince women to take up technical professions. Perhaps those responsible should also take this not-so-rational aspect into account? Unfortunately, that is the serious aspect of such actually funny studies: you spiegeln the unconscious way of thinking in the mind again and act directly to the applicantBehavior .

Job offers: If so, then please correct!

To be clear, I still believe that job ads aren't the very best form of advertising Job Search and there is also a lot going wrong with employer branding: The best jobs are still given through contacts and social media offers great advantages there - but I find the liveContact -Exchange. And the basic problem is and remains that for an increasing percentage of jobs there is simply a lack of adequate job titles.

However, I consider the uneasy combination of job exchanges and social media, such as job exchanges based on recommendation marketing, to be completely misguided Strategy. Better then, and this survey confirms that, the good, classic, old job advertisement with a correspondingly good search function. And in order for this to work, companies must finally speak plainly and, for example, think more carefully about what they are looking for when it comes to job titles - instead of using internal designations or imaginative creations of their own.

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