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Meaning is more important to young people than balance and money

Various studies show that young professionals want more meaning in their work. Only a small proportion of young people still see the purpose of their work in Money zu to earn. But young people don't just want a meaningful job themselves, they also pay attention to social issues Commitment their future employer and would also like to see more social and ecological commitment from them. The employers are essentially as follows Ask:

Young people do not find themselves in companies

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These are some of the questions young people ask themselves when considering a future Career ponder. Although many young people have a job, many want another. In the fields of Finance, IT and media – and even in big ones Companys - feel young people and their values ​​are often unseen and unconsidered.

According to studies, more than half of young adults are dissatisfied with their job to the point of Ideato give up the current position. In addition, young adults are more likely than their older counterparts to be underemployed, work hours that do not reflect their level of education, and do not work for personal reasons such as illness or vacation.

The question of personal goal and purpose

Young people are increasingly interested in making sense of the Welt around them, and many seek that meaning in their day-to-day work. They don't want to work for just any company, they want one Future find for themselves and their families. Whether it's meaningful community service, meaningful work that moves the world forward, or just meaningful work that makes a difference, young people are increasingly interested in finding meaning.

Whether a young person is considering a job in finance or education, there is one main question they all want to know: what is your goal in life and what do you need to do to achieve it? The following answers often arise:

  1. It is important to me that I work in a job that makes sense.
  2. Above all, it is important to me that the job fits into my (private) life.
  3. It is important to me to do good in my job.
  4. Above all, it's important to me to earn a lot of money.
  5. It is important to me that my employer shares my values.

Authentic Engagement = Employer Branding

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Many young people are therefore looking for something meaningful Job, but it is difficult to find employers who understand this need. This is exactly where employers can score!

For companies that means: watch out! Millennials want a clear system of values ​​and commitment from their own employer. However, they also see through greenwashing and unauthentic “We're here now” CSR campaigns. A good CSR strategy has to be credible and sustainable.

Once such a strategy is established, it can exist Employees closer to the company and its Set tie. Also at the Choice of the employer, companies can set themselves apart with authentic values ​​and goals. Existing commitment should definitely be reflected in employer brandingMeasures to get integrated.

The authenticity is in the detail

A company that really attaches importance to sustainability and social responsibility, takes this thinking into every area. Employees are continually encouraged to make small changes themselves. For example, I like the example of Unilever, where employees of a tea factory in England suggested that the paper labels on the tea bags could be reduced by 3 graph paper. To date, several tons of paper have been saved.

Such commitment occurs when employee and employer values ​​intersect. Employees who know that suggestions for more sustainability fit the company's positioning are more likely to dare to approach their superiors with such suggestions. One klare A sustainability strategy in which the employees are involved creates a long-term cultural change that also has an impact on employer branding.

Time for commitment: Make free spaces possible

Regardless of whether a company is active itself or wants to become one - there is a very simple one Method, giving employees the opportunity to be more involved. Because many young people find that they simply have too little time to become socially or politically active.

Companies can easily help here by giving dedicated employees the freedom they need. Flexible working hours already help. But also internal incentives such as special “point accounts” for voluntary work. If such measures are offered, it will also be easier to recruit qualified employees with “sense” at the top of the wish list for the new job.

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