Perceived closeness can be determined by – of course purposefully controlled – insights into the privacy increase. Because we love the real, authentic types. Managers have recognized this too.


The man behind the mask

Not only show stars, but also managers reveal a lot about their private lives to the public. Private stories leave that People looking out from behind the mask turns the hard business type into an authentic person. Board members report anecdotes from their childhood or talk about formative experiences in previous jobs.

They let us participate in their sporting activities and share their interest in modern things Art with all. That's exactly what the public loves. Skilfully selected and professionally placed, the right dose of privacy may even contribute to the image of the Company at.

Heads as a substitute for content

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Chefs are the face of the company, especially large and thus actually faceless companies are connected with the person at the top. Siemens is Joe Kaeser and Bayer is Marijn Dekkers. The Chairman of the Board of the local savings bank is also responsible for the entire institute, and the chief physician represents the station he directs.

Maybe that's why the Karstadt boss and former IKEA manager Eva-Lotta Sjöstedt also presented herself privately, for example in the Brigitte. Under the title Alone among men, she tells the – mainly – readers like Karstadt successfully will make: “I want the clenched Energy of 20.000 Employees mobilize,” sounds the CEO. It doesn't stop with empty phrases, she even tells us her recipe for success: “I develop my leadership style from my personality. This is Eva LottaStyle.” Brilliant!

At home with the Karstadt boss

You should remember that. Then it also works at home, because “her private life is triple Mother similar to that Guide of a corporation: involve everyone in the responsibility, then the business is already up and running ”. Numbers, data and facts take a back seat. If the person offers a good story, advance praise is often given.

We want Ms. Sjöstedt wish that things would go better privately than at Karstadt, because only a little later the Eva Lotta style was done: after only five months in office, Sjöstedt resigned from her job at Karstadt. Her reason: she found "that the prerequisites for the restructuring of the company she was aiming for were no longer given". So much for Mrs. Sjöstedt in the Handelsblatt.

Do not bend at all costs?

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In general, we like authentic people best. So nice and real, real guys. too authentic however, to be can also Problems create. Peer Steinbrück demonstrated this to us again during the last federal election campaign.

In cooperation with the media, Steinbrück provided a precisely fitting copy of the former SPD chairman Kurt Beck. Peer Steinbrück also did not want to be left as he was.

Press on the lacrimal gland

This included tears as a (of course not staged) response to the question of whether someone can credibly stand up for the concerns of the socially disadvantaged if at the same time they hardly notice their mandate in the Bundestag and collect more than one million euros for lectures. This also includes the stink finger on the title of the SZ magazine.

Good Effect is rarely a coincidence, but mostly the result of hard work and good work Preparation. Kurt Beck and Peer Steinbrück wanted more, for themselves and for the country, but at the same time they didn't want to be bent over backwards. Not only politicians, but also managers and well-known representatives of institutions repeatedly make the mistake of being allowed or even having to be authentic.

The fallacy of authenticity

Also not everyone realizes that authenticity in different fields of action means different. A politician who is perceived as an authentic politician should show different behaviors than a rock star. Hannelore Kraft is perceived as a consistently authentic person. The same applies to Daniela Katzenberger. And yet it would be strange if the two behaviors were too much overlapping.

Our search for authenticity suppresses the fact that every life situation always means fulfilling – complex – role expectations. In companies in particular, it is about achieving a fit with the corporate culture that goes beyond the functional role. If that's true, you are one of us and thus again meet the requirements that are prerequisites for sympathy and closeness. The real you has to grow into this role.

Master role-playing games perfectly

The FAZ shows us how better the example of the parliamentary deputy Michael Billen from Rhineland-Palatinate. Billen was the CDU man in the Nürburgring Investigation Committee, who obtained illegal access to sensitive information about the flimsy investors. He was right, but the road was wrong.

The CDU leadership then tried to force him out of the state parliament. Vain. In his constituency, he was re-elected directly to the district in 2011 and enjoys a high degree of independence.

Who is acting like?

Timo Frasch describes everyday situations:

“[...] he would have given himself differently than he is - would he have put the blood sausage on the table in a Tupper box at breakfast the next morning? Would he have left the bathroom door wide open while showering? And would he have appeared later at Bitburg-Ehrdorf station with a short-sleeved black shirt, dark sunglasses and a neon orange tie for some symbolic groundbreaking? ”

However, he also pays a price: “He won't be anything anymore. He is aware of that, but he doesn't care either. ”

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