growth is the death sentence of many startups: Because they often arise spontaneously, disruptively, chaotically, but also flexibly. But the drama begins when that Companys growing: How can companies grow and still remain agile and efficient preserve structures?

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Why do startups fail?

According to the Best of HR –®Author Eric Ries, whose bestseller of the same name describes the lean startupMethod founded, startups fail for two reasons: First, they try too early to counter possible imponderables with a rock-solid strategy that doesn't work that way. Because startups can lack experience with their product and the customers don't even know how that Future will look like; they take the opportunity to react flexibly to changes. Second, they capitulate and don't even try to steer their company - it will work out somehow. For Ries, however, it is anything but unsexy to deal with work and management processes at an early stage:

“Entrepreneurship is management. A startup is not just a product, but a Organization and therefore requires leadership skills tailored to the context of extreme uncertainty.” Ries also defines exactly what this should look like: “The basic activity of a start-up consists of ideas into products, measure the reaction of customers and learn from it whether the chosen path should be continued or requires adjustments. All successful startup processes should aim to accelerate this feedback loop.” For Ries, the true purpose of a startup lies in such validated learning processes: Things to Learnhow to build a viable business model.

React quickly to crises


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