The separation of professional and private concerns is more relevant than ever. And nowhere is this more evident than in the home office, long since also for employees and Executives a theme. 7 tips.

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Home office - a workplace with pitfalls

As I have noticed, a recurring topic of discussion is the separation of professional and private matters in times of increasingly flexible working hours, smartphones and home office.

The topic is therefore more and more current, especially for employees, because just larger Company create more trust-based working hours: Ie the Employees can themselves decidewhen and where they want to work. Often enough there are no longer enough jobs in the company for everyone, ie the employees are literally forced to do their work themselves at their desks at home to organize.

Self-organization in the home office poses challenges for many people

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But this is precisely what many People facing great challenges, as we do on Best of HR -® have also discussed again and again. Not cared for in vain Marissa Mayer's anti-home office measure a few years ago for months of discussion in the media.

I myself was happy to work from home for a long time - precisely because it is the most productive form of work for me. But I also know the usual disadvantages that are associated with it: unergonomic work, working in pyjamas, eating irregularly – in one word: not enough Structure!

Organize agile work on your own responsibility

The crux of the matter is: While you are given certain structures in a company, you have to actively and independently break out of your comfort zone in the home office.

Suitable for this are, for example, regular sports activities, lunchMeetings and professional or private evening events. If you don't do this, you will eventually become stuck in your habits instead of remaining flexible and agile. And just many Transformation-Workers who appreciate the constant flexibility and agility in their jobs, then embrace this kind of new stubbornness fast broken.

Out of the comfort zone: The disadvantages of the home office

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For example, writes about where the rabbit in the home office is in the pepper Joelle Steiniger on Startup Lessons Learned:

"Even though I'd" work "all day I wasn't working smart. I fell into the habits that most work-from-home-ers can relate to: I'd start my day, still in my pajamas… and sometimes that's how I'd end my day (don't judge me)… Structure is not the enemy to freedom, it's the gateway. ”

Separate private and professional areas

The main problem of the home office for many is the mixing of professional and private matters and the lack of separation from one another: some procrastinate their work while cleaning, others spread their work more and more across the entire apartment.

Another important aspect is to communicate the demarcation to others. It's deep in our heads that someone who's at home has to be free. Here the home office worker must have friends, Family, partner and children clear make that you are now at work and do not want to be disturbed.

7 tips on how to separate personal and professional life in the home office

It is therefore important to separate professional and private issues from one another in the home office and to communicate this clearly. 7 tips on how to do this to yourself and others:

  1. Clear the workplace: Create within the apartment a fixed, delimited workspace. Only here you will find your documents, nowhere else. In this way you prevent your office from spreading over the whole apartment.
  2. Take regular meals: An important point that is often forgotten, especially if you live and work alone. The best way to start with a healthy breakfast.
  3. Schedule regular breaks and sports: Healthy and productive work involves not constantly powering around the clock, but regularly recharging the batteries or relieving stress through sports and physical activities.
  4. Do the most important task first: This also and especially applies to the home office - it cannot be said often enough.
  5. Learn to say no One of the toughest exercises in the home office - saying no when friends or family call or come by unannounced, for example. Say no to your partner, who may bother you in between. You should know exactly when your limit has been exceeded and say no in a friendly way beforehand, before it comes to an overwhelmed frenzy.
  6. Say no to children: Children also have to learn that mom or dad is at home, but is currently working and they therefore have to play alone. Nevertheless, many customers understand, for example, if you have to interrupt a phone call because of the children.
  7. Focus on tasks: Even if Twitter, Facebook, eMails or other diversions lure: Focus on the important tasks and do not be distracted.

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