Personnel managers often lack when making decisions Courage. It is qualitative approaches that make personnel decisions successful.

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Unsuccessful recruitment

Who in the personnel work in the recruitment and selection of the "right". Candidates relies solely on factual and professional criteria and neglects the person and all their personality traits and values, recruits unsuccessfully in the long term.

Just as a flat-sharing community does not let its free room arbitrarily, the rational and objective personnel decision alone does not lead to success in “working communities” either. The new “roommate” has to go Team fit and are put through their paces so that everyone benefits in the long term.

Something does not fit

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When Companys, after a long unsuccessful search, approach a personnel consultancy, they often know that something doesn't fit, they can do it Problem just not yet forms and are far from that Solution .

Objective criteria, such as one of the CV revealed, reach their limits in practice. Subjective categories, like Personality and talent are also important for the selection process Significance.

The Appear and the firm handshake of an applicant seem to convey more about their attitudes in practice than the best certificate of study.

Technical and human aspects

Entrepreneurs know this and have the courage to make decisions that take into account aspects as well as interpersonal aspects.

Managers evaluate these subjective personality characteristics as arbitrary and neglect mostly their effectiveness, due to lack of measurability and comparability, or have not the courage to recognize these criteria as equal.

Quantitative criteria for hedging

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You have to "secure" yourself. Final grades can be put in relation, personal impressions often cannot even be put into words, let alone conveyed argumentatively.

The Orientation on quantitative criteria in selection even increases with the size of the company and the decentralization of HR work.

However, the relevance of the person and their values ​​becomes more important when you look at it Eyes leads to candidates increasingly not joining companies because of brands, salary packages and titles decide.

Decisions are subjective

Their decisions are subject-oriented, ie internally oriented, and are based on their individual needs, values ​​and lifestyle. Changes in society as a whole that focus on the subject have long since Working world reached.

Qualitative personnel consulting puts people, both candidates and entrepreneurs, department heads and their team in the focus of the search and reacts, especially against the background of dwindling professionals, to this inevitable paradigm shift.

Even if it seems banal: good things Recruiting means more than just matching requirements and somehow filling vacant positions: It always depends on the person and their values.

Courage for re-personalization

This statement seems banal in the placement of “people”, but in practice we are often faced with the challenge that we have to sensitize managers to the importance of qualitative criteria for the selection of the “suitable” employee. ” HR work requires more courage to re-personalize.

With expert and specialist moves in advisors, departments and decentralization of decisions, we are increasingly facing department heads and business leaders who are trying to recruit the right people.

quality not quantity

Unfortunately, internal structures often make it impossible for them. Because external recruitment often only increases the number of applicants, but does not lead to the qualitatively “suitable”.

The notion that is a hindrance work life detached from life, but both are getting closer and closer and are defeated in ours Society increasingly internally oriented assessments.

Work = life

The new department head is certainly looking for a company that offers him new professional challenges. But he also focuses on a team in which he feels “most comfortable”.

For the candidate, qualitative criteria have long played a role in the decision making. Work is no longer just the place to secure a livelihood, but also the space for individual interests and self-realization.

Qualitative procedures as a basis for personnel decisions

How are these subjective requirements for the new company to be determined and evaluated?

Qualitative procedures involving the understanding of the Set of the company and the applicant at the center of consideration, cover individual motivations and needs and are the basis for the right personnel decision.

Advantages of qualitative personnel selection

The qualitative, understanding approach of employee recruitment offers long-term advantages for the company:

  1. Reduction of turnover
  2. Increase employee identification
  3. Building teams for tomorrow

What should managers do?

These results demand from managers Commitment in the recruitment process:

  1. Personal recording of the status quo; How does your company tick?
  2. Formulation, who suits you?
  3. Record the technical target / optional criteria.
  4. Concreting the requirements in relation to the candidates on the market.
  5. Make compromises to make decisions.

From life to man

The CV, as a short version of the applicant's professional career, is nothing more or less than an abstract, behind which the concrete “right” candidate is hidden.

Qualitative HR consulting goes into depth and reveals the potential for companies. As in life, it also applies to personnel recruitment: people choose people.

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