How much Background slumbers undiscovered and undivided in the minds of qualified people Employees? The “knowledge is power” motto, according to which everyone prefers to keep their knowledge to themselves, was yesterday. Today is Teamwork .

Exchange of knowledge in a team

Do digital solutions help with the transfer of knowledge?

Can employees share their knowledge comprehensibly without neglecting their own work? The general assumption is: no! Too often, transfer of knowledge is complex and ineffective.

Most of us have Problems hence, information effective for that Team ready to provide. Knowledge of processes is usually requested spontaneously, whenever a problem is discovered or changes are imminent. Then the inquiries hit me as an experienced employee and I have to propose solutions and solutions on all fronts at the same time Feedback give.

3 Requirements for digital success

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On this problem has the IT Industry has reacted and brought software onto the market with which knowledge about company processes can be recorded digitally and made available when required. Just how effective are these systems? Help him Company and we are willing to work in the deployment to staff invest? The Success of this is due to a few conditions:

  1. Simple creation: the retention of knowledge must not cost the “trainer” a lot of time.
  2. Easy access: Trainers and participants do not experience any inhibitions when accessing the content.
  3. Active company culture: trainers and participants keep the exchange of knowledge together.

Fast conversion

Capturing knowledge digitally and letting the participant decide when to retrieve the information is on the rise. A company often selects a platform on which I, as an employee, can upload my material Online-Can convert workouts. Those who have no experience in the field of course creation feel at ease with such technical terms fast deterred.

"Conversion" - what does that mean? Luckily she will Technology always more user friendly. Today, any amateur can make a film or a website draw up. In this way, I as an employee can also become a “trainer” without having to give complex training courses.

Conversion then means that I have a PowerPoint Presentation or upload a PDF document and have it converted into a course structure. With multimedia and Ask This results in an enriched interactive learning environment with the relevant information.

5 Tips for the exchange of knowledge on the same level

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  1. People like to learn in their own time, in order to understand and remember the contents correctly. The last point can be limited, because today it is not absolutely necessary to remember every detail. If I know where information is collected, I can always go back there. The willingness to regularly retrieve online trainings and to expand knowledge, however, must be given. Therefore, it is imperative that the learning environment is intuitive and free of technical hurdles.
  2. In addition, content should be user-friendly. Learning and development experts speak of "microlearning" here, more effective learning in small chunks. However, I find it too much to ask that I, as an "amateur trainer", should divide content professionally into didactically valuable bits and pieces. Rather, I would like to leave it up to the participant to interrupt training when the attention wanes. The keyword here is: on-demand. What has established itself in the streaming area also makes sense when it comes to learning, because we are attaching more and more importance to flexibility and self-determination.
  3. Continuing exchange of knowledge only works if my company has a culture that allows feedback and teamwork. As a supervisor, it is important that my employees trust themselves to ask questions. Some feel more comfortable when they can do that digitally, and I answer in my own time.
  4. But also feedback on the training is important to me. Employees appreciate the participation in the product and are happy to upload suitable documents and to supplement their own experiences. The younger generations want a teamwork feeling in the company; and this feeling should definitely support the joint training platform.
  5. Management staff often find it difficult to give up their “sovereign position” and to view their knowledge as a common good. However, disclosing the knowledge rarely leads to a loss of authority, because the knowledge gained does not qualify for a higher position. Rather, it is the confident handling of knowledge and the ability of team members to make knowledge-based decisions that ensures the success of a project.

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