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Welcome to our academy for individual learning. Here you can find, configure, book and download onlineCourses tailored to your needs. There are currently thousands of eCourses available for download with worksheets or as individually supervised courses eMail-Courses available. Read on to find out how it works and the philosophy behind it. Yours, Simone Janson, publisher.

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Our learning philosophy

We are pleased to introduce you to our philosophy of learning. We believe that you should be in control of your own learning journey and that education should adapt to your unique needs and preferences. Our approach differs from traditional educational methods, which are often rigid and inflexible. Instead, we offer a personalized learning experience that allows you to learn the way you choose. At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that every human being has the potential to learn and grow. We believe that learning should be a lifelong pursuit and that it should be fun and fulfilling. We also believe in the power of technology to enhance the learning experience and we have developed innovative tools and resources to support your learning journey.

Our approach: We respect the learning path of each individual. Our learning philosophy is based on the belief that every person has a unique learning path. We know that everyone has different backgrounds, experiences and learning styles. As such, we respect the diversity of our learners and design our training programs to meet their individual needs. Our approach to learning is learner-centred, which means that we design our training courses with the learner's goals and desires at the forefront. We know that the knowledge and skills our participants acquire will not only benefit their careers, but will also contribute to the success of our company. That's why we strive to provide each of our course participants with a tailored learning experience. We firmly believe that everyone can reach their full potential when given a personalized learning experience.

We are focused on creating an environment that encourages creativity and we strongly believe in fostering a creative environment for our clients. We recognize that creativity is not an innate talent, but rather a skill that can be developed and honed over time. Therefore, we attach great importance to creating an environment that encourages experimentation, risk-taking and free thinking. We believe that by nurturing a culture that values ​​creativity, we can stay ahead of the curve and bring new perspectives to our work. Our clients are encouraged to take on new challenges, think outside the box and contribute their unique perspectives. Ultimately, we believe this approach leads to better outcomes for our clients and helps us differentiate in a crowded marketplace.

We prioritize collaborative learning and communication because we value collaborative learning and communication as a fundamental part of our overall educational philosophy. We believe that learning is not limited to academia, but that you can constantly improve through shared experiences and knowledge sharing. Our approach to learning aims to foster a positive and open environment in which individuals are encouraged to share their own perspectives, learn from others and equip themselves with practical skills that can be applied in and out of the workplace. We strive to give our learners the opportunity to engage in collaborative projects, workshops and discussions that challenge them to think critically, communicate effectively and develop a sense of community.

By emphasizing shared learning and communication, we aim to foster a lifelong love of learning and equip individuals with the tools they need to succeed in their personal and professional endeavors.

Our philosophy is geared towards enabling each individual to achieve their individual learning goals. We recognize that everyone has their own learning style, needs and goals, and we strive to create an environment in which they can thrive. Our approach to learning is personalized and adaptable, addressing the specific needs of each individual learner. We believe learning should be an experience that encourages growth and development, not a one-size-fits-all that leaves some learners behind. Our commitment to helping individuals achieve their learning goals is at the heart of everything we do. We will continue to adapt our approach to the evolving needs of learners in today's ever-changing world. In addition, our philosophy revolves around empowering individuals to take charge of their learning journey. We firmly believe in the principle of self-motivation as a key factor in personal and professional growth. While we provide the necessary resources, guidance and support, we encourage our learners to self-motivate and take ownership of their learning. We believe everyone has the potential to learn and grow, but real change happens when individuals have a strong desire to achieve their goals. By instilling a sense of self-motivation in our learners, we aim to foster independence, stimulate creativity and develop a lifelong love of learning.

We support learners by providing resources and feedback. Supporting learners in their pursuit of knowledge and skills is at the heart of our philosophy. We believe everyone should have access to learning resources and quality feedback to achieve their goals. Our writing team of dedicated professionals is committed to ensuring learners of all ages and backgrounds acquire the knowledge and skills they need to fulfill their potential. We believe that learning is an ongoing process and we strive to provide ongoing support and guidance to our learners to ensure their success. Whether you are just beginning your educational journey or looking to advance your career, we are here to help you every step of the way.

We offer learners the opportunity to engage in activities that expand their knowledge, recognizing that everyone learns differently. Our philosophy is to create a flexible learning environment that accommodates different learning styles. Our courses are designed to be interactive and hands-on, allowing learners to gain hands-on experience in real-life scenarios. Our expert writers bring their industry experience to bear, providing learners with valuable insights and best-practice tools. We believe that we can inspire and motivate learners to achieve their learning goals and have a positive impact on their personal and professional lives.

We help learners gain confidence and develop resilience because we believe in the power of learning as a means of building confidence and resilience in learners. Our philosophy focuses on empowering people to take charge of their own educational journey by providing them with the tools, resources and support they need to succeed. We know that learning can be challenging and even frustrating at times, but we believe that through perseverance and effort, every individual can achieve their goals. Our approach is tailored to each individual's needs, providing a personalized learning experience that encourages growth and development. Our team is committed to helping learners overcome whatever obstacles come their way, offering guidance and encouragement every step of the way. We firmly believe that with the right attitude, willingness to learn and a supportive environment, anyone can reach their full potential.

We encourage curiosity to foster innovation and believe that fostering innovation is vital to the success of any business and we achieve this by encouraging and nurturing the curiosity of our team members. We know that innovation comes from dissatisfaction with the status quo and the desire to find new and better ways of doing things. As such, we continually foster an environment that not only tolerates, but encourages, questioning, challenge and exploration outside of the comfort zone. By encouraging curiosity, we encourage our team members to think creatively, try new things and take calculated risks. Our commitment to fostering curiosity and innovation allows us to drive change and adapt to an ever-changing marketplace.

We believe that learning is a lifelong journey and we strive to help our learners achieve their goals. We understand that learning can be challenging at times, but we are here to support and motivate our learners every step of the way. Our philosophy revolves around celebrating your learning success with you. We believe that every small accomplishment is worth recognizing and celebrating, and we celebrate every milestone our learners achieve. Whether you're passing a difficult exam, completing a challenging course, or just making progress toward your goals, we want to share your joy and help you stay motivated and keep learning. With our dedicated support and encouragement, we believe our learners can reach their full potential and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

In summary, our philosophy of learning your way provides a flexible and tailored approach to education that responds to individual needs, interests and passions. She underscores the importance of self-discovery, critical thinking and adaptability essential to success in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world. With this philosophy, we believe that learning is not just a means to an end, but a lifelong journey that enriches our lives and empowers us to reach our full potential.

Our eCourse packages with discounts

Each eCourse contains text and worksheets as worksheets for download in PDF format. You can choose from four different packages. If you have individual requests, we will be happy to make you an offer. For vouchers for book buyers, please note: Each voucher is only valid once per user! By the way: You will receive a 30 percent discount for each additional participant you refer.

Will you free member, then you will see a discount code here to purchase the eCourse for 50 percent less.

eCourse 12 lessons


29,99€ *

*Price including VAT. You put together your eCourse as you wish, we deliver.

  • Select eCourse via search or via overview as a finished course.
  • The course is limited to a maximum of 12 lessons.
  • After booking the eCourse, let us know the title via eMail an mit.
  • We will send you the finished eCourse once as a PDF.

eCourse 30 lessons


39,99€ *

*Price including VAT. You put together your eCourse as you wish, we deliver.

  • Select eCourse via search or via overview as a finished course.
  • The course is limited to a maximum of 30 lessons.
  • After booking the eCourse, let us know the title via eMail an mit.
  • We will send you the finished eCourse once as a PDF.

Customized eCourse


79,99€ *

*Price including VAT. We put together the eCourse according to your wishes and send it to you.

  • You contact us with a topic suggestion.
  • We will put together the desired texts as a suggestion for you.
  • If you agree with the text selection, we will create a PDF from it and send it to you.
  • On request, we will also be happy to create an individual one for you eBook in ePub format.



999,99€ *

*Price including VAT. Book your eCourse as eMail-Course – including individual tasks, supervision and certificate.

  • You choose the topic of your choice.
  • We will send you a lesson per week eMail including individually tailored to you and your situation task.
  • We will discuss your answers with you and answer your questions.
  • At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance from the Best of HR –®-Academy.