Your own website is the home port and the heart of every contentStrategy. However, in order for the content material to generate reach, further dissemination on the web must be encouraged in a very targeted manner.

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Which content belongs to your own website?

Core activities and communicative gems always belong on your own presence. Content is never whereabouts on external sites for sure, because the operator of the platform there Regulate dictates. He can change them at any time without prior notice. This can undo a lot of work overnight. In addition, a platform can disappear from the scene in no time at all.

In a well-maintained content area, often called content hub, matching content can be presented clearly. In addition, you can also place third-party content there: interviews, guest articles, field reports, study results, surveys, latest industry news and so on. In this case we speak of Content Curation. Copyrights and labeling requirements are to be observed.

Competence center of the industry

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Anyone who continues to expand such a knowledge platform will eventually become a competence center of the Industry. This not only improves the Google ranking, it also brings clear more traffic. Anyone who stays longer on your site because they find a lot of useful things there will also buy there.

Or a prospect registers and downloads an attractive piece of content that you offer. With such an opt-in you now have permission to dialogue. Because there is always something going on on your website, people like coming back. And because your web presence is extremely useful, we recommend it.

Content for more shares: 3 tips

But what does content have to offer to be shared and shared? 3 tips:

  1. Pictures and Videos: On the web, photos top the list of the most popular distribution content, as various studies show. Because pictures can be captured quickly. You brand yourself. They also work without words, i.e. internationally. And they trigger emotions - especially when they tell a story as a series of pictures. Videos are in second place, often in first place in the young generation (“We all just watch YouTube.”).
  2. Text and headings: But what about texts? Texts are fundamentally difficult for our brains. That's why a well-written headline is so important. She's curious about more. A clever picture, matching the text, is virtually indispensable. Otherwise decides the utility. Texts from recognized experts are often even forwarded, without having read them yourself.
  3. Infographics infographics: are used with great success for viral measures, very often in addition to a text. Torsten Panzer: “Good infographics magically attract the attention of Internet users when their content is particularly surprising or informative. In addition, consumers love numbers and statistics - provided they are presented in a visually appealing way. They meet the human brain’s desire for entertainment, but also for reducing complexity. ”

Content Distribution: How Content Viralizes Effectively

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Some content is so strong that interested parties visit the respective provider platforms. The pullt, you could say. So he attracts. Other content beads slumber in eternal slumber because no prince finds and kisses them. Many content must therefore be actively marketed and promoted to gain the necessary reach.

Viralization is then spoken of. After the actual kick-off, however, it is hardly possible to influence which path the campaign material ultimately takes. Furthermore, it is usually not possible to predict with certainty whether the message a positive or a negative takes direction.

The effects that are triggered by the further dissemination develop a high dynamic of their own, a life of their own, so to speak. They are neither predictable nor controllable - and they cannot be stopped either. That makes things exciting, but at the same time also sometimes dangerous. Because as with a real virus, manipulation can lead to falsifications and uncontrolled mutations that affect the original Objective turn a campaign into the opposite.

Content Seeding: How to Overcome the Tipping Point

You cannot “make” virality, you can only create the conditions for it. The basic requirements are quality and relevance. Next crucial for the Success are the organic spread, quickly reaching a critical mass and overcoming the so-called tipping point, from which one SALE becomes a sure-fire success.

2 tips for content seeding

As many as possible should do this People spread the message to more than one person. In order to control this, a strategic first placement is extremely important. This process is called seeding. There are two variants for this:

  1. Targeted Seeding:  Well-connected people are specifically targeted here. For this purpose, both own addresses (press, partners, employees, customers, etc.) can be used as well as webaffine multipliers and opinion leaders, so-called influencers, are addressed. The first listeners should have credibility, influence and above all good contacts in the targeted audience.
  2. Touchpoint Seeding:  Here you use both your own and third-party online touchpoints (website, blogs, social media platforms etc.) so that the piece of content spreads further. If a content campaign is picked up and accompanied by the media, it can quickly become famous and thus have a high advertising impact. For example, exceptional promotional videos, called “virals”, are lucky enough to do this quite often.

Buy Spread: 3 Tips

In almost all viral campaigns, the initial distribution is purchased financially. There are plenty of ways to increase the chances of success of content material if necessary.

  1. Native Advertising: Native Advertising, Advertorials and Sponsored Posts are included.
  2. Influencer Marketing: Matching content can also be distributed via influencers, seed partners and other professional distributors
  3. Partner Programs: A third option involves partner programs or affiliate system operators being integrated into foreign newsletters and presented on portals.

Conclusion: no limits

As you can see, there are no limits to the possibilities of disseminating texts. And now you can start.

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