The Internet has become indispensable as an information platform. But it also offers many job opportunities for those interested.


Good job chances, little training

Because the World Wide Web also offers a lot of jobs that are very attractive. However, there is a disadvantage, as there are hardly any apprenticeships in this sector.

However, there are distance learning courses and courses. The seminars and courses are fast fully booked and if you want to have a chance here, you have to be very quick. There are also good opportunities with a business degree or IT Study such a Workplace to get hold of.

Why is international trade booming?

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Online trade in particular is booming and there are numerous Employees wanted. The days of buying primarily in local stores are definitely over. But this also has to do with Germany's service desert, because anyone who needs advice in some stores is hopelessly lost.

The employees practically run ahead of them customers of it and friendliness is often not available. Furthermore, they have People always less Money available and here, of course, the Internet offers a lot of advantages, since the prices are often many times lower. The variety is enormous and selection would not be possible in a shop.

The human factor in e-commerce: the more individual the shopping experience, the more successful the shop

However, not all ecommerce websites are created equal. While many of us are familiar with websites that offer one-stop shopping for all of them Article are cataloged on the same page, but they can feel impersonal and are of little use to the customer.

The most successful ecommerce websites are those that offer a personalized shopping experience by allowing their customers to create their own customized shopping lists draw up or even look at the items they are interested in individually. The more personalized your shopping experience, the more likely it is that the Customer has a good feeling Shop to have done and he is more likely to return to this website. And that kind of customer service requires great people.

These jobs are available in online trading

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Online trading offers a lot of opportunities, as employees are being sought for a wide variety of areas. It starts in the warehouse, where the goods have to be accepted, cleared, packed and shipped, and extends to the website, which should always be up to date. Therefore, this area also offers a wide variety of jobs that you hardly thought of. For example, product descriptions have to be written and the news blog has to be filled. For example, creative copywriters are required for this.

But of course it is also about the core task in e-commerce, the creation and design of a Online-Shops, because the use of e-commerce systems is crucial for online sales. The online shop must therefore be set up and designed. For example, the entire list of products is listed with the most popular products at the top of the page. The category pages help to filter the product list. The search box allows the user to search the products by name, category, price, image or quantity. For all these Tasks IT professionals and shop managers are needed to take care of it. This includes specialists for IT security as well as front-endDeveloper. But designers are just as important, also for the design of mobile websites, and Marketing-Experts.

What are e-commerce providers looking for?

As a rule, all these experts are desperately sought and to earn correspondingly not bad. But what exactly do e-commerce providers expect and what are they willing to pay for it? To the Solution this Ask have examined the positions to be filled by an online retailer, in this case

This is not only looking for working students, but also employees in the field of product management and senior product manager websites. Also look for this Company Frontend Developer, Junior System Administrators, CRM and product managers.

This means that there are numerous positions to be filled in online retail that do not necessarily require a degree. Because with a corresponding Vocational Training or many years of experience, it is also possible to take up a job in online retail without studying.

What salaries are paid?

Of course, the earning potential is very different and while a junior system administrator earns between 25.000 and 45.000 euros per year, that is salary a product manager, depending on the federal state, between 25.000 and 70.000 euros.

A frontend developer, on the other hand, hardly gets over 30.000 euros Brand out. Of course, there are also companies that pay more, but the average salary of a frontend developer is 30.000 to 35.000 euros. However, it also depends on the industry here and it can be assumed that the pharmaceutical industry in particular pays the highest salaries for its online presence.

Professions without study

Of course, there are also many professions in the e-commerce sector, which can be entered without a study or as a career changer. This includes, for example, the product manager. This has a very interesting and varied task area. The product manager is, for example, responsible for the product idea and product selection.

Furthermore, they can be responsible for the design of the packaging or the logo or for the market and competition analysis so that the company always knows where it stands. The product manager is also responsible for optimizing the range so that slow sellers are sold out and strong products are further expanded. For this exciting Job commercial training is usually sufficient. But excellent background knowledge or many years of experience can also be sufficient for this job.

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