Digital Online-Further Training is in Companys increasingly important. When designing the Future it is important for employers to draw the right conclusions from the lockdowns.

Digital training in companies: Shaping the future now

The lesson from Corona: organizational forms in companies have to change

Political restrictions have been hovering over companies and employees like the sword of Damocles since March 2020. Even if at some point there are no more lockdowns with the justification "Corona" - it is more than likely - that there will be more in the future with other justifications Measures are imposed, the serious impact on work processes, the cooperation of teams and supervisors as well as the Further Training have. Companies and employees should therefore prepare as well as possible for such a scenario.

The form of organization in companies must change so that employees can work flexibly from home. This requires functioning digital infrastructures and the appropriate technologies – both in companies and at the employees’ homes. Only then can they Employees work effectively and continue your education from home. While the employees have so far mostly gone to the Company or went to a training service provider, the question now is: Should the language or technical training take place digitally, blended, hybrid or face-to-face?

Digital further education: The status quo in companies is different

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As a globally active training service provider for 28 of the 30 DAX companies, 36 of the 60 MDAX companies and thousands of medium-sized companies in the field of language and technical training, we have found that online training is new territory for some, others have already gained a lot of experience with it.

Anyone who opens up to the new learning formats will experience a completely new one Welt of learning. The combination of well-known and new training formats offers a wide range of options: There are interactive online programs with which you can learn completely independently and very flexibly. The virtual Things to Learn however, takes place live with a trainer in the online training room. Finally, hybrid learning connects and combines the two previous forms of learning. I dare to make a prognosis: in the future there will be a strong coexistence of online and face-to-face training.

Home office changes companies

Due to the inevitable spread of home office, the way of working has changed overnight for many who have previously worked completely or mainly in their company. That was and is a learning process, not only for the employees, but also for Executives and the companies themselves. Suddenly the teams are no longer available on site, projects are managed remotely. That requires fast and flexible Solutions.

In times of crisis and the current "distance working" is honest Communication an important driver for a successful Teamwork. Both employees and managers should be open and Honestly communicate with each other. More mutual understanding helps, because everyone's work has changed significantly since spring 2020 and familiar routines have disappeared.

The crisis as a catalyst for agile work

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Agile working is not a new term, but is becoming increasingly important in order to be able to react quickly, work flexibly and have a new hands-on mentality in management without getting into tools verlieren. Reacting together calmly and flexibly to changes and being honest with each other: That helps to work together successfully to navigate through turbulent waters.

The actual Crisis acts like a catalyst in many areas, despite all the economic upheavals. The topic of digitization is just as important as that change the working environment. It is important for a company to be open to the “New Normal” and to see the changes as opportunities. executives and HR should exemplify this.

What forms of digital further education are there?

It is important that employees understand what is hidden behind the different terms in the field of continuing education:

Conclusion: The need for further training is still high

The need for further training is still high. Although the ifo business climate index has steadily deteriorated in recent months and some Industries It has been hit very hard at the moment, core sectors are still proving to be resilient, at least for the time being. Courses that help to understand the complexity of the Working world and to better master the ongoing globalization. These include training courses “How do I run a virtual Team', 'Remote Leadership","Agile in the future" and "Work 4.0" as well as "resilience am Workplace“. However, as has been the case for years, foreign language skills are at the forefront work life.

Foreign languages ​​themselves have become a key qualification in many jobs and an integral part of everyday work, with English being the most frequently used foreign language. Around 68 percent of those in employment in Germany require knowledge of foreign languages, with around 46 percent requiring basic knowledge and around 22 percent specialist knowledge. Many linguistic and specialist training opportunities are also partially funded by the state. You can find all information and addresses at

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