Authenticity and honesty as a marketing strategy: manure piles as a selling point?

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You want 200 facebook-Get likes and more in one day? The best tip for this: Forget all carefully thought out marketing strategies and just say what you think!

Authenticity and honesty as a marketing strategy: manure piles as a selling point?

Here writes for you:


Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisherConsultant and head of the Institute's job pictures Yourweb.


A salesman advertises with relentless honesty

Again and again I experience how PR agencies panic and try to belittle problems and gloss over them. All the more refreshing, therefore, a homeowner from Bavaria, who mercilessly praised his house - and thus attracted a lot of attention. Authenticity is still the best selling point. It has been a while since I found this ad on Google+, with which an owner is offering his high-quality two-family house. The post got 93 comments and 339 +1. Not without reason. The seller wrote:

“The house is in the little Kaff Scherleinsöd, where the streets are always shit by horses. You should therefore always have a suitable shovel on hand to at least shovel the entrance to your own property. Keeping horses, cattle and poultry in the immediate vicinity ensures that you do not run out of work. Muscovy ducks fully poop the terrace, chickens dig around the garden beds. Muck piles, manure and liquid manure pits ensure that you can no longer look out of the window because of the flies. In heavy rain you have the overflowing liquid manure in front of the property, provided the canal does not absorb everything. You can enjoy dog ​​whine and yapping at all possible times of the day and night. For larger events at the local inn, you can assume that part of your property will be used as parking space. ”

Honesty is the best

The background of the ad, as the Munich evening newspaper reported, was an obscure neighborhood dispute between a pedantic family and an anything but pedantic farmer.

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Whatever one might find the offer, the owner had now guaranteed one thing: attention. Dear PR agencies, maybe you should cut a piece of it for yourself and just become more honest - as you can see, this might bring the desired success.

Strategy or spontaneous emotional excitement?

By the way: What the owner thought when posting the offer, whether he was pursuing a certain attention strategy or simply wanted to vent his anger, is not (yet) known.

I'll go for the latter one. Plan such an attention gain anyway only conditionally. Although you never know it well, there are a few good agencies that know how the rabbit runs.

200 likes a day for a quickly written text

Incidentally, it has already happened to me that I unexpectedly hit the nerve of the times with a rather carelessly written text. That it was precisely this text that hit like a bomb and received hundreds of likes and comments on social media - and that despite spelling and grammatical errors. The former blogger Kai Müller did that at Facebook very nicely put into words in a reaction to one of my posts.

“Exactly my view of how brands and“ bloggers ”can actually come together. With mutual respect. I've been telling everyone for ages, but 99% of the agencies still don't check it out. "

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Authenticity and honesty as a marketing strategy: manure piles as a selling point?

Mutual respect already in the speech

To this day, not much has changed, like the way I often - not always - is discussed with bloggers by the agency. People ask about our offers quickly and rather vaguely, even though they are clearly accessible and with a detailed description of services stand on our website.

Hello, I'm interested in the seminar “Blogger Relations for PR people and Company ". Can you tell me when and where the next appointment will take place and how much it will cost to attend?

Blogger relations - or how do you get cheap advertising messages to men / women?

What I often experience: It seems to be quite common in the marketing and agency scene to also use unknown people via eMail to doze straight away instead of getting to know each other first, but I don't really like getting used to it yet. Also because experience has shown that this confidential-joval “YOU” signaled to me too often “YOU, we don't take you seriously”. There is no trace of the respect I would wish for in the blogger relationship. But maybe I'm just a bit narrow-minded ;-).

Often times, it doesn't seem to be about individual needs at all. It is precisely for this reason that we have designed our offer as schematically as it can now be found on our offer page. Or rather: individual needs do play a role, but at a low price, please. My impression: Many agencies promise themselves from blogger relations that someone will tell them for as little money as possible how they can get their advertising messages to men or women for even less money.

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Authenticity matters

Authenticity counts here too, so that mutual cooperation can be fruitful. One should always keep this in mind when marketing.

So if the agency has approached bloggers in exactly the same way so far, then I'm not at all surprised that they are looking for more information. And from the start I have my doubts as to whether the collaboration would work in our case as well.

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