After finishing school or university, many are looking for their dream job. But getting there can be hard work. An overview.

Career choice & career orientation: find your dream job now!

How to find the right job for you

Anyone who wants to start their career today after graduating from school, training or university is initially in the proverbial agony of the Choice. There are numerous ways to become active in the job market. Choosing the right one Vocational Training and the right job is crucial for future career success.

One question that arises in this context is how to find the right job for you. Hobbies and interests are initial indications, but personal skills and practical experience also serve as a guide. This Article reveals how it is possible to find a job that meets your own requirements.

These factors determine the career choice

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Blessed are those who know in early childhood what they want to do later. Not quite, because that Career choice in practice is not only dependent on interests. There are a few other factors that limit career aspirations. These include, for example:

Good to know: You can now Family better combine work and work. It depends on the family and care situation. Employers are attaching more and more importance to a balanced Work-Life-Balance and offer a wide range of childcare options as well as more flexible working hours.

Job test - a compass for the career path

Who not yet Orientation and doesn't really know how to get one, a career test is a good idea. On sites like it is possible to get closer to the right job. Targeted Ask help both the Personality as well as interests and Power analyze. Finally, the user can expect a detailed evaluation that contains suitable career opportunities. Such a job test is not only an ideal opportunity for those who are disoriented. This test can also be an opportunity for those who are undecided to find the right job.

The job test acts like a job compass. It shows a way that is suitable for the person based on a certain evaluation method. This test is also helpful when it comes to decision between education and Study goes. Because while the training enables a quick start into professional life, the path of a student is a little longer, but often through better ones qualifications paved with higher salary prospects. If you can imagine both, an extra-occupational degree may be suitable.

Reflect on interests and skills

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It is important to know your own strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, mere interest in the job is not enough. Expertise is an important basic requirement in many industries. But social skills and empathy also play major roles in some areas. In order to find out where personal strengths and weaknesses lie, it is advisable to ask yourself the following questions, among others:

To be successful, you have to invest something

It is also of interest to employers whether a potential employee is willing to accept something investto get ahead in the job. There is routine in every job. This means that there may be one or the other task in the dream job that is not as popular as other jobs.

social skills, empathy and Teamwork are three keywords that are also very popular nowadays. Who, for example, in a large Team works, has to get along with his colleagues. This is about the right dispute behavior, willingness to help and Communication. The latter is a mandatory skill for everyone who is in direct contact with customers. Choosing a career is therefore always dependent on several factors, which is why interests and skills are important Honestly to reflect.

Trendy and future-oriented jobs: Are there any sectors that offer better job opportunities?

Whether social media manager or AI specialist, there are professions that are not only trendy today, but are also playing an increasingly important role in the job market. The fact is that e-commerce has grown a lot in recent years growth recorded and will continue to do so. For this reason, professions such as strategic buyers, social media managers or content managers are on the rise. The same applies to technical professions and jobs in the IT.

Anyone who wants to turn their concern for the earth into a career is on the safe side as an environmental engineer. It counts in this job Problems like solving polluted oceans and polluted air. It's no secret that the environment needs saving and the industry is growing every year Significance wins. In the future, trend jobs await everyone who wants to protect the planet.

Tip: It is advisable to check the professions at a glance on the website of the Federal Employment Agency. Interested parties can find out here, for example, which were the most important employment sectors in the past year and what the general situation is with opportunities on the job market.

Collecting practical experience

It is not uncommon to have some practical experience on the job. This is often due to an internship during school days or a vacation job. These opportunities are ideal to get a taste of the future industry.

In addition, an internship is the perfect opportunity to find out whether the job really suits your skills, strengths and weaknesses. A successfully A completed internship also comes with a certificate of completion, which can later be used as a qualification for the job.

A final tip: create a checklist

Permanent preoccupation with one and the same topic leads to a lack of perspective. For this reason, it is helpful to note down your considerations about your career choice. The following points help to proceed in a structured manner:

  1. List strengths and weaknesses,
  2. take practical experience into account,
  3. Name ideas and wishes,
  4. Online research on new professions,
  5. Define framework conditions, conditions and limits,
  6. discover potential companies and obtain information.

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions in life. After all, most people spend a large part of their day at or at work. It is therefore all the more important to find a job that suits you Fun power.

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