CreARTiv program for innovation & transformation

Think out of the box!

Creative Innovation: How Art Transforms Your Business!

In transformation and innovation processes, many companies face the difficulty of having to get employees on board, who often prefer to stick with the familiar. Creativity is the key component to success here. It makes it possible to think outside the box, to find innovative solutions and to cultivate new ideas. Looking at and experiencing art unleashes a unique power of transformation and productivity in every human being. The publisher Best of HR –​® supports you in implementing this creative creativity in your company and thus driving the important transformation processes in your company,

CreARTiv program for innovation & transformation

Our portfolio: Think out of the box!

The publisher issues the print magazine CreARTiv and has developed the CreARTiv program "Think Out of the Box" for innovation and transformation consulting. In doing so, we work with the means of art advice and art mediation, whereby our comprehensive collection portfolio is also used. Its compilation shows a passion for the creative process and a commitment to outstanding artistic achievement. It brings together the works of both emerging and established artists, from original drawings to lithographs and three-dimensional art objects, with a clear focus on the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. One focus is on art in transparent boxes; these symbolize the recognizable but all too often imprisoned creativity that has yet to be freed and unleashed. Therefore, these works of art are particularly suitable to inspire thinking “out of the box”.

Our offer: We unleash creativity in your company

We would be happy to take you on a journey of creative passion by providing you with expert advice and providing you with works of art from our collection that are exactly right for you on loan for the duration of the CreARTiv program. We are sure to find the right property for your transformation process. Contact: publisher [at]

Our expertise

We have been creatively active in print and online for over 20 years, for clients such as Samsung, OTTO, Dell and Telekom.


The prices for the CreARTiv program are determined individually after consultation. They vary not only according to the duration of the program, but also depending on the value of the work of art used, including insurance and transport costs.

Photo credit: Iconic image via Shutterstock