unsuitable Candidate hiring is not only annoying, but simply too expensive. In order to avoid this, the proven recruitment interview is usually used. Rightly so. With the right requirements analysis, everything goes smoothly.

personnel selection

“Nobody is a human connoisseur”

In order to find out whether the applicant is suitable, however, it is not sufficient nice to chat with each other. In the end, this only results in the acceptance, because the applicant also likes to eat white sausage. Rather, a central part of the interview should be checking the fit between the Candidates and the specific location. An effective requirements analysis is essential for this.

“No one is a judge of character”. In my opinion, every manager should heed this statement by Alfred Sloan (who was CEO of General Motors (GM) for many years). Because we all feel, to a greater or lesser extent, that we have “a good hand” at it selection from employees. Unfortunately, that's just a feeling.

Reality and wishful thinking

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The large number of problematic occupations shows that someone here had "a good feeling" (because otherwise the Employees yes not in Company or on his current position), unfortunately the reality does not correspond to the ideal.

"If you don't know what you are looking for, you will find anything (or nothing)". Unfortunately, we often don't take enough time in our management role to clear to determine what is required for a particular position. Only if we have a clear requirement profile - “clear” does not mean “costly” - are we able to check candidates for a suitable fit.

The good requirements analysis - that's how it works

The following scheme is very pragmatic and efficient in order to be operational Everyday life actually find application. It is important that you start with the position and activity, not with the description of the behavior or any success factors of current or former position holders. Do we at the Definition of the requirements specific persons Eyes, these images can steer us in wrong directions.

  1. Define goals: Identify the goals to be pursued by the position. Ask yourself the following question: "Why do we spend so much money in our hands to fill this position?" The answers to this: "It should be achieved that ...", "It should be ensured that ..." You will be able to extract about 3-5 position targets per position.
  2. Describe core tasks: In the next step, core tasks are then extracted for each position target 4-6. These are essential and necessary tasks, which must be fulfilled by a person in order to achieve the respective position goal. It is important that you describe what needs to be done. The description is given in the scope of activity, not in property statements.
  3. Derive requirements: In the third step, we now derive the requirements, i.e. the things that someone wants and must be able to do the defined tasks well and to achieve the position goals safely. The distinction between aspects of ability and willing is important because these aspects have to be questioned differently in the interview and selection process. We do not have most problems with employees because someone cannot do something, because the problem is still relatively easy to remedy through qualifications and training. It is really difficult and much more demanding for the managerial task if an employee can do things but does not want to show us this “feat” due to his different personal motives. It is precisely these facets of behavior that have to be carefully checked in advance, because there are often real problems: “We hire them for their competencies, we fire them for their personality”.
  4. Execution: At first glance, this 3 step model of requirement definition, which is defined above, may seem expensive at first glance. However, the time to perform well is no more than one to one and a half hours, even in demanding positions.

The advantages of the requirements analysis once again at a glance:

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In order to carry out the requirements analysis for Success To lead, it's important to revisit its benefits:

  1. Have a clear picture of the spot in your mind: You know exactly what you are looking for and can clearly tell the internal service providers (HR or HR) what you expect from the candidates.
  2. Know where to cut back: You can certainly compromise. Candidates who meet the requirement profile for 100 percent are very rare anyway. But you can and should pinpoint exactly where you compromise and use skills to help mitigate your deficits right from the start.
  3. Multiple applicability: You can use this work, once done, for both internal induction and career development plans. But you can also explain in a structured and substantial manner to potentially interested internal candidates why they are eligible for the defined position - or why not yet.
  4. Ensure comparability of interviews: This work is the preliminary work for a structured interview guide. Because one of the most problematic sources of error in the “interview” process is the fact that interviews - even though it is the same position - are often conducted very differently depending on your own condition, time of day or sympathy. It is therefore not possible to get a clear picture of the candidates. Because I not only change the candidates, but also the measuring instrument (my interview). Nothing comparable can result from these measurements.

Try this procedure once. From my own experience I can confirm - it is worth it!

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