Every few minutes there is a new one eMail on, the cell phone rings during a meeting and the colleagues talk at full volume. show neuroscience 3 Solutions up for more Motivation a more focused work atmosphere Office .

Neuroscience as a solution to the increasing flood of information in the office - Photo Steelcase

Rising demands on our brain by increasing complexity

Every few minutes there is a new one eMail a, the phone rings during a meeting and the colleagues are talking at full volume - a well-known situation these days. Many people are overwhelmed or even overwhelmed by the flood of information flowing into us every day. Workers stay in the office for longer, try to do as many things as possible at the same time, or sometimes drastically reduce their break times, so that they seem to have done more work at the end of the day.

The Steelcase research team has studied these changes in the Working world and provides insights into where the natural limits of the human brain lie. For example, research was carried out into how behavioral changes, but also the work space, can help awareness to actively control.

What is commitment and satisfaction?

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Objective Another employee engagement study Steelcase conducted in partnership with research institute Ipsos was to determine if the office can serve as a strategic tool to influence employee engagement and what changes in the space are having the biggest impact. One of the five key takeaways is that employee engagement depends on how comfortable employees are Workplace feel and how satisfied they are with the design of their office.

98 percent of the very satisfied employees, but only 15 percent of the very dissatisfied employees state that they are at work light to be able to concentrate. The happy employees feel they are their own ideas being able to communicate and contribute in an uncomplicated way (98 percent versus 16 percent of the very dissatisfied employees). You have the opportunity to be undisturbed Team to work (94 percent versus 13 percent) and to be able to maintain social contacts with colleagues (95 percent versus 35 percent).

Air up in terms of motivation

Even if employees in Germany enjoy going to work more than average (77 percent compared to 71 percent of employees worldwide), they still see great potential for improvement in their workplace. They have far fewer areas of retreat than the global average (44 percent versus 53 percent worldwide). Also, only 52 percent of German employees (compared to 62 percent worldwide) feel motivated to take the initiative in their job.

For Companys From these numbers comes the realization that the above-average Commitment their top employees by the lesser ones Performance of dissatisfied employees is currently being almost completely eliminated. At the same time, there is a lot of potential to get employees who have been little or not at all motivated to get excited about the company by designing the workplace accordingly: because the degree of well-being and satisfaction in the workplace can lead to higher engagement and thus better work quality and productivity of the employees.


Switch between concentration modes

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But how can the working atmosphere contribute to employee motivation and thus performance increase? On Conceptthat can help to master the challenges of today's over-informed working world is the conscious change between different modes of concentration. The basis of this system is that the different Tasks and activities that a working day has in store are adapted to the way the brain works.

For example, it is simply not possible to concentrate continuously for eight hours. Also there are certain times that are very good for Teamwork suitable, while rest would be appropriate at another time.

3 tips for coping with the increasing flood of information

Steelcase researchers and designers have discovered three functional modes of the brain, each requiring specific behaviors and workplace configurations:

  1. Focus / Concentration: In order to be able to focus fully on a task, it is necessary to avoid any unwanted distractions. Be it the phone, the eMailMailbox or questions from colleagues. In the office, appropriate retreats should be created to facilitate concentrated work for employees.
  2. Activation: If our brain is to be active, we must move. Neuroscientific research has shown that movement, as well known, has positive physical and emotional effects. It also promotes our cognitive abilities by improving the blood flow and thus the performance of our brain. For example, height-adjustable tables, but also the change between different workstations for different activities.
  3. Regeneration and inspiration: The planned distraction is just as important as focused work. Neuroscience has shown in various studies that the best way to solve a problem is to get away from it first. The saying “not seeing the forest for the trees” is therefore quite justified. A café corner or a cozy seating area can be enough for a planned distraction.

Conclusion: Concentrated work needs appropriate spaces

In order to use these rhythms as best as possible, appropriate rooms are needed which support them in each case. Focusing, activation and regeneration must be consciously used and controlled in order to be able to work effectively. The work environment is an important helper.

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